EV home charging? Let us do the hard work for you

Our experience providing electric vehicle leases across a multitude of sectors means we know how important it is for your drivers to be able to charge their plug-in hybrid and electric cars and vans with ease. However, we also know that sorting out EV home charging for your drivers takes time and can be just another hassle to add to your list.

That’s why we’re proud to be working in partnership with industry leaders Pod Point, combining the best of our electric vehicle expertise to provide a convenient and worry-free electric car charger home installation. The cost is then integrated into your plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle lease.

With My Business Lease, we tailor to your specific electric car and van lease requirements. That means, as well as each of your drivers reaping the benefits of getting fast, safe and Wi-Fi enabled home charging points up and running quickly, and at zero cost to them – completing the paperwork will also be hassle-free.

In addition, your business will benefit from the flexibility of spreading the home installation cost through transparent lease payments, with no hidden charges and streamlined administration that can also save you time and energy.


My Business Lease: streamlined electric vehicle charging with our partner, Pod Point

To ensure complete peace of mind when it comes to the installation itself, every charging point is fitted by an in-house Pod Point expert and comes with a warranty that is matched to the life your EV lease. Also, for many plug-in hybrid drivers, the ability to conveniently plug in at home can make driving in electric mode a more viable option, helping your fleet operate at its very best potential.

Because our aim is to make EV home charging as simple as possible and keep your operating costs to a minimum, we provide your drivers with access to Pod Point’s smartphone app. This records how much energy is consumed with a full daily, weekly and/or monthly breakdown, so you’ll have the information you need to support more accurate expense claims for both your driver and your business.

Key Pod Point partnership benefits that we pass on to you and your drivers:

  1. Installation typically takes just two hours and Pod Point provides remote diagnostics and wireless software updates.

  2. Home charging is more convenient for drivers, who can start their day with a full charge and simply top up on their journey (a little like a mobile phone)*.

  3. Some EVs will allow your drivers to preheat them while still plugged in at home. This means they can drink their morning coffee while the car warms up and their range will remain unaffected.

  4. Charging at home is cheaper than charging at public charging points.

    • This is for a typical electric car with a 60kWh battery and a range of around 200 miles.

    • Assuming the vehicle is charged at home, the average cost is £7.80 for a full charge.

    • Rapid charging typically costs £6.50 for a 30 min charge which would last about 100 miles.

* Charging with a 7kW fast Pod Point home charger provides up to 30 miles of added range per hour of charging. Source Pod Point. † Source Pod Point.