Finding the Right Van

After years of experience supporting fleets with their Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs), we know just how important it is to keep things simple. With countless considerations to weigh up – including body style, size, fuel-mix and payload – you need the best support to guide you in selecting the right blend of vehicles.

Specialist advice starts here

Whether starting a new business or expanding your existing fleet, choosing the right van for your specific requirements is crucial.

You need the right vehicle with the correct equipment for now and for the future. VWFS | Fleet is here to support you through the decision-making process and throughout the life cycle of your LCV fleet.

Any LCV – any make, any model

Mature commercial fleets need an experienced leasing partner. As a multi-brand LCV provider, our team of experienced and dedicated account managers can supply fit-for-purpose vehicles to meet your needs.

In addition, as you start to look towards the future, our fully accredited eLCV experts can help you create a clear roadmap to navigate your Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) strategy, scope out Greenhouse Gas protocol and prepare for the 2035 Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) ban.

Considerations in choosing your LCVs

Every time you choose a van for your business, there are multiple factors to consider. To help ensure you don’t miss anything, we’ve put together a checklist of the key considerations for making the best possible van choice for your needs.

  • Payload – understand the typical load for your van and choose accordingly
  • Special load requirements – opting for a van with racking tailored to your needs, or a special conversion, could benefit efficiency and productivity
  • Wheelbase – consider the size of the loads you are carrying and select the appropriate wheelbase
  • Access – consider how you will want to load and unload your vehicle
  • Weight limits – vans with a gross vehicle weight above 3.5 tonnes will need to be fitted with tachographs
  • Roof height – consider your load sizes and any vehicle height restrictions on regular routes
  • Passenger capacity – how many passengers will the van need to carry?
  • Funding – considering how to fund your vehicle will be key. Understand the options available to you
  • Support – consider what fleet support you need from your leasing provider to ensure minimal downtime
  • Service and maintenance – consider the right service and maintenance package for you to ensure your vans stay well maintained and on the road
  • Fuel type – with a wider range of fuel choices now available make an informed fuel choice using our eLCV-4-ME?
  • Journey lengths – the journeys that your van will take will influence a number of decisions from wheelbase to fuel type
  • Journey locations – are journeys typically within Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZs)? If so fuel type and size of van will be a consideration
  • Business image – consider what your choice of van says to your customers
  • The driver – consult with those that make the journeys on a regular basis and get their view on the right van for the job
  • Fittings and accessories – e.g. ply lining, rear parking sensors, security trackers, livery

Bespoke conversions you can count on

Sometimes off-the-shelf won’t get the job done. Our specialist conversion advisors and Approved Converter Network can work closely with you to implement any necessary conversions in-line with manufacturer recommendations. The cost can be built-in to your monthly payments – with the potential added end value helping to drive down monthly costs.

Case study: helping TPS deliver on time, every time

With deliveries of car components and consumables to more than 30,000 customers every month, TPS – Volkswagen Group’s genuine spare parts and components supplier, has to rely on a fleet of vehicles that can’t let them down.

Read the full case study to discover how our simple solutions are keeping TPS on-time, on-budget and on the road.

Here to help

With a diverse range of different model lines and variants from every manufacturer, backed by an extensive range of ready-to-go and specialist bespoke conversions, expert eLCV transition advice and flexible funding options we can help you find the right van for your fleet’s future.