Affinity Scheme

What is an Affinity Scheme?

Engaging and retaining top talent can be an ongoing battle, but offering the right perks can attract staff and increase loyalty.

An Affinity Scheme allows your employees the opportunity to drive a brand-new vehicle of their choice at a discounted rate negotiated by the leasing company.

Affinity Schemes can help negate the grey fleet risk by putting staff behind the wheel of brand new vehicles for their commute to work; this aids your business’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets as well as health and safety policy. Additionally, an Affinity Scheme can help reduce your Scope 1 Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) when used to fund EVs.

Let us do all the hard work

With the contract being between the employee and the leasing company, there’s no Company Car Tax to pay and no financial involvement from the employer. Costs aren’t tax deductible as the agreements are personal, and no VAT is recoverable as the employee covers this. Apart from the initial setup, there’s also no ongoing admin; we look after everything.

As a multi-brand leasing provider, we can also source and supply vehicles from across the market, giving a wide range of choices, so there’s something for everyone.

How it works

The employer signs up for an Affinity Scheme
Employee registers their interest in the scheme
Using the Driver Quotation Portal, employees can personalise and compare vehicles
Once settled on make, model and spec, they acquire a quote
After ordering the vehicle, progress can be tracked through the portal
Employee takes delivery of their new vehicle
The individual employee is fully responsible for vehicle payments
This includes insurance, maintenance and upkeep for the duration of the agreed term.

There are two ways to fund Affinity Schemes:

A form of leasing where annual mileage and contract term length is agreed upon, and initial rental payment is required, followed by equal, fixed monthly payments for the remainder of the term. Ownership of the vehicle remains with the leasing company, and at the end of the agreement the vehicle is returned. The employee pays for any repair costs (outside BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear). Early termination fees apply.

A deferred purchase agreement where the employee makes regular monthly payments. At the end of the contract, having paid the balloon payment, the employee has the option to keep the vehicle, sell it themselves or, if agreed at the start of the contract, sell it back to the leasing company at a guaranteed buy-back price.

Technician working on car

Option to add maintenance

Keeping up with servicing, replacement tyres, and repairs can bring unexpected costs, but adding a Service Maintenance and Repair (SMR) plan to your monthly fixed payments will help your employees’ budget.

All our SMR plans come with Driverline, our 24/7, 365 days a year driver support service to help increase fleet uptime. Our team are available on the phone and via our web app if your employees need roadside assistance, accident management or maintenance bookings, such as same-day servicing and repairs.

Here to help

Reducing grey fleet risk while attracting the best staff is easy with an Affinity Scheme; we’ll even administer and manage everything on your behalf. So what are you waiting for?