Fleet Consultancy

Making your fleet work for you

Economic unpredictability, the increasing demand for cost efficiency and the pivot toward sustainability can make the future uncertain for businesses and their fleets. With the right guidance from VWFS | Fleet’s Consultancy team, you can be confident in navigating these challenges.

Whether you fund your vehicles through us or another provider, our dedicated fleet consultants and experienced account managers are here to provide not just constructive advice, but to help you drive your fleet forward with the execution of recommended proposals and solutions.

Consultancy for all customer needs

Our fleet consultants guide customers through our robust consultancy framework, which has been designed to give maximum flexibility.

First, we’ll work to better understand your current priorities.

Here we can start to define scope, set objectives and establish timelines.

Then analyse your fleets strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat.

We’ll present our findings back to you in a clear, concise and digestible format.

Provide you with detailed recommendations and proposals.

Developing, reviewing and agreeing an action plan with clearly defined deliverables.

Support you in putting an action plan into practice and new processes operational.

Building engagement, agreement and commitment across your business.

Finally, we’ll continually work with you to evaluate, appraise and review– making adjustments as necessary.

We will also help you to validate and communicate success with key stakeholders.

All the support from one single source

By engaging with our fleet consultants, you can be confident that you will benefit from all the information you need to support the management and development of your fleet:

Whole-life cost analysis
Whole-life cost analysis
A cost analysis of your current fleet versus the market.
Comprehensive fleet reporting
Comprehensive fleet reporting
Delivering a wide range of current data, from monthly financials, total spend per cost centre and pooled mileage to driver dashboard analysis.
Strategic planning
Strategic planning
Ensuring your fleet is designed and equipped to meet the mobility requirements of the future.
Social and environmental responsibility planning
Social and environmental responsibility planning
Protect your drivers and the environment with tools and advice around governance, legislation and taxation.
Fleet cost analysis
Fleet cost analysis
Exploring funding options, such as salary sacrifice and tax optimisation.
Policy development
Policy development
Ensuring your policies are fully tailored and compliant.
Advice on risk management and duty of care
Advice on risk management and duty of care
Understanding compliance requirements for fleets with 10+ vehicles – supported by our driver duty of care and driving licence checking services.
Vehicle choice for specific usage
Vehicle choice for specific usage
Explore bespoke and specialist conversion options that are fit for purpose and cost-effective, managed by us through the same single invoice.
Objective advice on the best fuel type
Objective advice on the best fuel type
Ensuring your fleet is using the most appropriate fuel type for your business.
Technology updates
Technology updates
Keeping you abreast of new vehicle models and other technological innovations.

Planning your route to net-zero

Whatever stage of your electric vehicle journey, our fully accredited team of EV fleet consultants can help with advice on funding, charging, government grants or just finding the right model for your fleet’s needs.

So that we can give you the very best advice, all of our consultants are Galileo accredited – the Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) is an internationally recognised award achieved by completing a number of Renewable Energy Institute training courses.

We’ll work with you to help:

  • Lower fleet costs
  • Meet CO2 reduction targets
  • Implement carbon-reducing activities
  • Fuel type recommendations based on individual driver profiles
  • Who to prioritise for electrification, and the right models for fleet needs
  • Build engagement on employee knowledge and opinions on electric vehicles
  • Review readiness for home charging
  • Insight into workplace charging requirements
  • Execute action plans and commitment to drive forward carbon-reducing solutions

Whole-Life Costs

Our consultants will help you make decisions that dive much deeper into your fleet costs and advise you on projected cost savings.

Here to help

Driving towards your business’ net-zero targets while looking after the bottom line can be overwhelming. Our dedicated fleet consultants and experienced account managers are here to provide constructive advice, analysis and recommendations to help your fleet operate to its full potential.