Public Charging

Tap. Charge. Go

Public charging can often mean downloading multiple apps to your smartphone or having several charge cards. Not only does this make charging a hassle, but it’s also a challenge for expense tracking, creating even more fleet admin.

Example Charge&Fuel Card

Access to over 24,000
charge points across the UK

Our Charge Card solution gives your fleet access to a network of over 24,000 charge points across the UK and additional coverage in Europe.

Not only will we keep your electric fleet moving on the go, but we’ll also reduce your monthly admin with expenses all in one place.

One card, lots of benefits

Convenient charging
One card for all your charging needs.
One monthly invoice
Receive an electronic statement of your monthly charging.
Fast-charging network
Get access to Europe’s largest fast charging network IONITY, along with BP Pulse, Osprey Charging and Shell Recharge.
Full transparency thanks to monthly collective billing.
Wider European coverage (includes fuel)
Charge conveniently and confidently across Europe with access to more than 500,000 charging points.

Types of public chargers

Unlike traditional refuelling, charging an EV happens at different speeds, and across the UK, there are a variety of chargers. Your situation and needs will dictate the type of charger required and when:

  • Charging speeds from 7 to 22kw AC
  • Ideal if your vehicle is parked for several hours
  • Most home and workplace chargers are this type
  • Mainly to be used to charge your vehicle overnight
  • Typically the cheapest to use, costing roughly the price of electricity at home

  • Charging speeds up to 43kW AC or from 50kW DC to 100kW DC
  • Typically 0-80% charge in around 40-60 minutes (subject to battery size)
  • Often found at service stations and charging hubs along with ultra-rapid chargers
  • Ideal for a quick top-up while on the road
  • Depending on the provider, you’ll pay more to rapid charge, with costs up to 2-3 times as expensive as home charging
  • Charging speeds from 100kW to 350kW (where supported)
  • Typically 0-80% charge in around 20-30 minutes (subject to battery size and charging capability of your EV)
  • Generally situated with rapid charging locations
  • Typically the most expensive option
BP Pluse and VW

Compare charging costs to filling up

Our Fuel Cost Comparator helps you understand the different options and costs of EV charging. It compares home charging with public fast, rapid and ultra-rapid charging and the comparative cost of petrol and diesel.

Top-up while you shop

We already partner with Pod Point for our home charger installation, and now Pod Point is also delivering the UK’s largest retail EV charging network through a partnership with Tesco and Volkswagen, enabling you to top-up your electric vehicle whilst you shop.

Here to help

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