Salary Sacrifice that’s child’s play

Find out more about our EV Salary Sacrifice scheme

What’s EV Salary Sacrifice?

EV Salary Sacrifice helps employees who don’t qualify for a company car perk to lease a brand-new EV and save up to 40%.

It’s simple: the cost is taken out of their salary before taxes.

It’s also a smart move for your business. You’ll save on taxes, attract great new talent, and foster a happier staff and a greener business – all at no cost to you.

And with our team by your side, getting started is child’s play. Find out for yourself with our quick guide.

There’s so much choice

It’s child’s play – from start to finish


Employees pick a reliable brand-new car from your pre-approved list.


While the lease agreement sits with the employer, deductions are made from the employees’ gross salary in return for the car.


That’s when employees and employers make big savings with 2% BiK (Benefit-in-Kind) on ULEVs (ultra-low-emissions vehicles) or EVs.


From there, we take care of extras like insurance, breakdown cover, accident management and more.


Plus, our experts are on hand to make sure the scheme’s implementation is a success. And our easy-to-use online driver ordering portal makes admin really simple.


Our dedicated marketing team works closely with you to help you communicate the benefits effectively – whatever your channels are.

Everyone’s a winner

Salary Sacrifice really does suit everyone – whatever they do in your business.

It’s good for the C-suite

These days, sustainability matters. And Salary Sacrifice is one of the smartest ways to boost your green credentials.

  • Reduce grey fleet emissions
  • Help towards scope 3 net zero business targets
  • Benefit-in-kind savings for your team
  • Class 1A National Insurance savings

Feels right for Finance Managers

Tax savings for everyone – sorted. Both your employees and your business can benefit over several years.

  • Benefit-in-kind tax as low as 2%
  • Class 1A NI savings for your business
  • Discounted home charge points
  • A premium perk at low cost

Handy for HR Managers

Happier teams are better for business. Our scheme’s good for employee satisfaction and retention, and amazing for your bottom line too.

  • Keep your team happy
  • Retain top talent
  • Save on Income Tax and National Insurance
  • Running costs included, lowering Grey Fleet risk
  • Cut down admin with our easy-to-use tools
  • Explain the benefits with help from our marketing team

Your employees win too

With our scheme, your employees get the choice of a brand-new car from any manufacturer – not just us. And here’s what else they get:

  • Tax savings of up to 40% and a discount on a home charge point
  • Insurance, road tax, maintenance and servicing costs included and roadside assistance covered
  • No upfront payment required, no hidden costs and no early termination cost penalty
  • Lifestyle protection against early termination (limitations may apply)
  • 24/7 driver support with our Driverline service

Our scheme’s best for your business

Overall, our Salary Sacrifice scheme offers more than most.

No upfront deposit
Home charge point bundle offers
Car insurance
Full RAC breakdown cover
Routine service, repair and MOT
No quibble replacement tyres
Tax savings available on electric cars
Manufacturer discounts
Dedicated marketing support
Scheme implementation support

Download our FREE Salary Sacrifice guide

You’ll learn more about everything – from how the lease agreements work to all the potential benefits for your business. Just fill out this form and we’ll send you the guide to download. It really is child’s play.

Got questions?

Once you know how it works, Salary Sacrifice is child’s play.

So if you’d like to book an appointment and learn more about the process, reporting or even how to explain the scheme to your employees, we’re here to help.

This article is not tax advice; seek advice from a certified tax practitioner if you need more information on employee or business taxation.