Specialist LCV Conversions

Specialist conversions for your business needs

When a van is an essential tool for your business, it is vital that it meets all your requirements.

As well as bringing you a wide variety of choices across many makes and models – not just Volkswagen Group brands – our LCV specialists and account managers can help with a range of ready-to-go factory conversions and bespoke solutions from our network of approved and recognised converters.

By building your conversion costs into your lease, the cost can be covered in simple monthly payments – avoiding complex agreements with multiple parties.

Conversion possibilities are endless

As well as ready-to-go factory conversions, we also have a successful network of specialist converters for bespoke conversions. From the simplest adjustments to more complex conversions, we’ll work with you from start to finish, making sure the end result meets your exact specifications.

From bespoke chiller, tipper and dropside vans to milk floats, catering and dog grooming vehicles, the possibilities with VWFS | Fleet are endless.

Van conversions

Van conversions

Keeping your conversion brief on-budget

We’ll work closely with you to look at the bigger picture, keeping costs down and enhancing potential resale values.

Wherever we can, we’ll help you partly recoup the cost of bespoke fittings when they’re likely to outlast your van lease. For example, modular racking can be used up to 10 years – when you may only keep the van for 3 years.

But remember, on rare occasions, truly specialist conversions could actually reduce the value of the vehicle to another buyer.

Get started today with our Payload Vanalyser

As a multi-brand fleet partner, we can help you find the right van for conversion across any make or model. With so much choice, our Payload Vanalyser is the perfect way to compare the payload and dimensions of your options.

Select your trade
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Compliance checks included in your monthly lease

Converting your LCV to the needs of your business may mean you’ll need to consider additional compliance and maintenance checks. Our expert team can advise and support the required processes and checks to keep your business safe and avoid business-related risks.

For example, with the latest technology, our specialist engineers can carry out 6 monthly Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment (LOLER) inspections in line with LOLER Regulations 1998*. These inspections can be included in the cost of your lease and will include tail lift testing and servicing on vans up to 3.5 tonnes.

Here to help

We know you need the right tool for the job. So, our expert team will work closely with you to identify the best ready-to-go factory conversion or bespoke solution for your business.

Our network of approved and recognised converters will always ensure your conversion is compliant and roadworthy in accordance with relevant regulations – with any added value passed on to your business.

* Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER)