Business Contract Hire Leasing

What is Business Contract Hire?

Whether you’re running a large fleet of vehicles or a sole trader looking for a single vehicle, Business Contract Hire is the most popular way for businesses to acquire new company vehicles without owning them as it offers complete flexibility.

VWFS | Fleet can fund any make or model, from any manufacturer for any type of business need. You determine the contract term and mileage depending upon your individual business circumstances, pay an initial rental fee and drive away a new vehicle.

We also offer the option to add a servicing and maintenance package, which can be added to the monthly cost, saving you the time, hassle and unexpected costs during your contract.

How it works

Once you have chosen your model and decided on your initial rental, you’ll need to customise both the agreement duration and annual mileage to suit your needs. This will affect the monthly rental payments.

Cost of leasing your vehicle: Split between initial rental and subsequent rental payments.
  • Your rental payment period
    Typically between 12 and 48 months.
  • Mileage per year
    Agree on an annual mileage limit.
  • Servicing and maintenance
    Option to include a service and maintenance plan in your agreement.
  • At the end of the contract
    Simply hand the vehicle back, subject to fair wear and tear and excess mileage charges.

The benefits of Business Contract Hire

Business Contract Hire with VWFS | Fleet offers a range of benefits over and above outright vehicle ownership:

The low initial rental payment on a Business Contract Hire agreement makes it an attractive and cost-effective way of obtaining a new vehicle. Compared to how much you could pay for buying a car outright, the difference is significant.
Fixed monthly payment
Fixed monthly payment
Business Contract Hire offers fixed costs for the term of your agreement, with maintenance and servicing added as an optional extra if required. For businesses, fixed vehicle costs make cash flow planning much easier.
Lower risk
Lower risk
With a Business Contract Hire agreement, the predicted level of depreciation is built into your monthly payments, leaving any depreciation risk with us. Once your contract has ended, you simply return the vehicle.
Dedicated support
Dedicated support
Every VWFS | Fleet customer has a dedicated account manager to ensure that all administration is taken care of. We manage all documentation that comes with a vehicle, and any queries can be raised swiftly and easily on our Fleet Management Portal.
New vehicles on your fleet
New vehicles on your fleet
After the agreement is finished, you can go straight into another Business Contract Hire agreement, meaning that your business and drivers can have the latest model from your preferred vehicle manufacturer.
Save on VAT
Save on VAT
If you lease a vehicle exclusively for commercial use, you can claim back 100% of the VAT, and if the car is used as a private vehicle, you can still reclaim at least 50% of the VAT.

Mileage and vehicle returns

Worried you’ll go over your agreed annual mileage? We give you the option of pooling mileage across all your VWFS | Fleet vehicles and can amend your allowance once a year, giving you and your business the flexibility it needs.

Returned vehicles are inspected in line with BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear Guidelines; any damage identified will be charged at the cost price estimated to us, not at an inflated rate, unlike other leasing providers.

In the unlikely event that you aren’t satisfied with the inspection, an independent appeal process is in place, giving you a second opinion.

Here to help

Our dedicated account managers are here to answer any detailed questions you may have about Business Contract Hire. From implementation to ongoing management, our team have the expertise to support you and your business.