If choosing the right vans for your business was easy, anyone could do it. But you depend on your fleet to keep your business moving, so your van choices are critical. And ongoing management can drive your business forward or put the brakes on. A Fleet Analysis can put you in the driving seat, by guiding you towards better-informed, more cost-effective fleet choices.

LCV choice considerations

From issues as relatively simple as driver preference, to those as complex as environmental impacts, a broad spectrum of challenges and considerations need to be understood and addressed to optimise your fleet. They include:


Government is increasingly attempting to influence fleet vehicle choices through tax incentives and disincentives. Brexit may also affect vehicle prices and availability.


Not simply the cost of leasing the vehicle, but also operating costs such as fuel, maintenance and repair.


For a fleet driver, the van is their workplace. For a business, it’s the flagship. Both points of view need to be factored into choices.


Self-driving vehicles may be some way down the road, but alternative fuels have already arrived.


New legislation such as WLTP may have an impact on your choices regarding fuel consumption and emissions


From emissions legislation to Corporate Social Responsibility concerns, environmental factors are increasingly influencing fleet decisions.

How Fleet Analysis can help

Increasing productivity

Something as simple as choosing vans with side as well as rear doors – making loading and unloading quicker and easier – can increase productivity. The broader the vehicle range available from your leasing partner, the better the choices you can make.

Reducing administration

Identify where specialist expertise, process automation and economies of scale could reduce your workload, then identify the leasing company which can provide them.

Reducing vehicle downtime

Effective service, maintenance and repair plans, and 24/7 support, from your leasing partner will help to keep your vehicles on the road.

Reducing fleet management costs

Lower costs don’t only come from competitive rates. Ensuring your mileage is aligned to your contract, and identifying opportunities to make savings as your business grows or your needs change, could also help you to bring costs down.

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