Use in-vehicle data to reduce downtime and costs

We know that the uptime of your LCVs can be critical to the success of your business, especially when a vehicle is off the road means it’s not doing its job, which can prove costly in terms of productivity and lost business.

24/7 tracking

With insightful reporting, actionable notifications, and 24/7 tracking capabilities – VWFS | Fleet telematics can help you get the full picture of your fleet’s movements. Telematics gathers data which can be used to identify safer or more efficient driving habits, cost-saving initiatives and which vehicles have usage patterns that are suitable for an electric vehicle.

When implemented correctly, a fleet could expect to achieve up to 20% improvement in fuel economy and up to 15% reduction in carbon footprint *.

How we can help

Monitor, track and manage

MPG data gathered by telematics from petrol and diesel vehicles can highlight reductions in engine performance and create driver alerts based on this real-time data.

Savings for your business

Telematics tracking enables you to keep customers informed of delivery times, improve routing and optimise job allocation to reduce downtime, deliver fuel savings and identify drivers who are not getting the most from battery and range.

Optimise vehicle use

Accurate, real-time data can enable the redeployment of under-utilised or over-mileage vehicles. It can also be used to optimise your transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs) – ensure you are using the right vehicle for the right job.

Fleet security

Knowing where your vehicles are at all times makes unauthorised use easy to detect. Set geo-fencing alerts to alert you to any suspicious activity instantly.

Increase driver safety

Driver behaviour data can be used to identify risks and improve driver safety. Crash detection ensures you’re quickly informed of incidents to help minimise downtime.

Accurate fleet reporting

Data through telematics on mileage, routes, driver behaviour and MPG opens up a huge range of reporting possibilities. The information can create KPIs for your fleet drivers and monitor their progress.

What VWFS | Fleet Telematics has to offer

Here to help

If you’re looking for consolidated reporting between your telematics and fuel card, we provide mileage validation, integrated reports and consultative services when you choose to take up telematics through us.

More and more customers are leasing their vehicles through us because of our flexible approach to supporting each business, and the quality of service across every brand and model we offer.

*Gartner, Market Guide for Transportation Mobility Technology, 2018.