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Supporting fleets of all sizes, we’ll source and fund the right vehicles for the job, help you overcome challenges as you transition to electric and offer full lifecycle vehicle and driver support for your fleet. We can also offer bespoke consultancy services whenever you need them.

63% of fleets say that EVs will account for half of their total new car orders over the next 12 months1

74% of fleet drivers could make their journeys in an EV based on their journey habits1

69% of UK fleets have a strategy in place to reduce their scope 1 emissions1

Tailored funding to suit your business

Business Contract Hire
A form of long-term rental that allows the use of a fleet vehicle for a fixed period and over a set number of miles. Ownership of the vehicle remains with us.
Salary Sacrifice
An attractive employee benefit that can operate at minimal cost to your business and help you achieve CSR objectives by lowering your grey fleet risk.
Finance Leasing
A Finance Lease contract takes the benefits of Business Contract Hire, but the residual risk sits with the fleet, not the leasing company.
Affinity Scheme
The lease agreement works between your employee and us. We’ll negotiate the most competitive rates that you can offer as a company benefit.
Contract Purchase
If you’re looking for contract flexibility at the end of your term, Contract Purchase gives you more options than a contract hire agreement.
Lease Purchase
If you need an affordable and cost-effective way to fund a fleet vehicle that you will eventually own outright, Lease Purchase is worth considering.
Sale and Lease Back
If you’re looking to release tied-up capital to re-invest in your business, a Sale and Lease Back arrangement could be ideal.

Small Fleet Leasing

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The true cost of e-LCV ownership

Whilst e-LCVs generally have a higher lease rate, lower fuel, tax, service and repair costs and exemption from congestion zone charges over its life cycle ensure that operational costs are much lower. Taking all these indirect costs elements into consideration in your total cost of ownership, can unlock significant savings.  

Need help with LCVs, Electrification, or Funding options?

Helpful tools and guidance 

Wherever you are on your electric journey, our free fleet tools and guidance can help you make better-informed, more cost-effective fleet choices.

  1. VWFS | Fleet research conducted May 2022.