Whole-life costs is the term given to the overall cost of your fleet over the term of your finance contract or ownership (sometimes referred to as total cost of ownership).

When working out your whole-life costs you need to take into account all the related factors over the contract or ownership period. These include running costs, company car tax, acquisition price (not P11D price), level of depreciation, service and maintenance and quite likely, fuel costs.

Whole-life cost analysis gives you the detailed information you need to help formulate a fleet strategy and make informed decisions on vehicle choice, funding and policies.

Our whole-life costs consultation

We use specialist software that enables you to model your future whole-life fleet costs, using your current fleet costs. This tool calculates the true costs of your vehicles, not just the monthly rental or vehicle list price, and generates a customised report with an accurate picture of your fleet costs, including:

  • Finance and service rental
  • Operating costs including fuel, National Insurance contributions and vehicle insurance
  • Residual value
  • Private and business fuel with VAT calculations

We want to help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing your fleet and the best funding options to suit your business needs. By using our whole-life cost calculator you’ll get a clear view of your fleet’s true running costs, and not just the monthly, short-term costs.

To book a free whole-life cost analysis or would simply like us to contact you to discuss your fleet requirements, please contact us today