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How Telematics Can Help Fleets

Keeping track of your fleet is easy thanks to our clever box of tricks that will save you time and money and give you all the data you need.

Telematics devices can be installed in cars to record information about driving, such as mileage, time, speed and braking responses, and have become increasingly common over the past few years, as a tool that allows insurance companies to offer customers lower premiums.

By tracking how drivers use cars, companies can adjust premiums, so that safer, better drivers pay less. Volkswagen UK uses this technology to offer younger drivers better premiums on new cars.

At VWFS | Fleet we have also begun to use telematics to help fleet managers look after company vehicles better, and save money.

Using a simple box that plugs into the vehicle’s diagnostic system, fleet managers can monitor drivers in real-time and historically through our suite of reporting and dashboard tools. Tracking driver behaviour benefits fleets through reduced fuel bills, fewer accidents and lower insurance costs. Our telematics box can also alert fleet managers when a service is due, so you can arrange for the work to be done.

Telematics can be used to manage mileage claims, too. With telematics that track mileage, people only claim for the miles they do for work.

Live tracking

VWFS | Fleet telematics allows you to see where your drivers are at any time of the day, allowing you to get the most out of your fleet. Monitoring driver behaviour can highlight if there is any training needed to improve safe and cost-effective driving and the black box detects when your vehicles have been involved in road traffic accidents.


Drivers can keep track of their own reports through an app. Access to such data can encourage engagement with your fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability aims. It can even kick-start healthy competition through driver scoring: telematics uses insurance algorithms to monitor driver behaviour to produce a score.

Drivers are scored on their driving for speed, smoothness and usage, and they can see those scores instantly on their phones, finding out exactly how they’re doing and where they can improve. This can be used to incentivise drivers with rewards for better driving.

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