We’ll find the best electric car makes for your needs

Whether you have just begun your journey of considering plug-in hybrid or electric cars for your fleet or you are looking for the best electric car makes to get you on the road to EV in the near future, we’re here to help. You can rest assured your dedicated account manager will draw on both their own and the Volkswagen Group’s electric vehicle expertise to help you understand which makes and models are most suited to your specific business needs.

Although we are uniquely placed to advise on our group brands’ latest, and upcoming, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles, including Volkswagen, Audi, ŠKODA, SEAT and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles – we can provide an electric car business lease for any model, from any manufacturer, so we can offer the very best choice and mix to ensure you lease an electric vehicle that’s fit for the job at hand.

Electric car, hatchback and SUV latest choices

Once we’ve helped you to evaluate going hybrid or electric as a potential option for your fleet, we’ll also help you understand the full range of latest models on offer, across all relevant brands. Leasing can be a great way to trial EV for your fleet without committing to purchasing vehicles.

Electric cars under £35k

Under £50k

Executive electric cars

Latest models Latest models Latest models
Hyundai Kona 39KWh Kia E-Niro Audi e-tron
Nissan Leaf 40KWh Nissan Leaf e+ 62KWh Jaguar I-Pace
Renault Zoe R110 Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model S
Lowest whole life costs Lowest whole life costs Lowest whole life costs
1 Renault Zoe £17,880 1 Hyundai Kona 64KWh £26,250 1 Jaguar I-Pace £30,828
2 Hyundai Ioniq £21,846 2 BMW i3 £26,496 2 Audi e-tron £36,630
3 Nissan Leaf £24,522 3 Kia E-Niro £28,464 3 Tesla Model S £43,308
Top selling** Top selling** Top selling**
1 Nissan Leaf 40KWh 1 BMW i3 1 Jaguar I-Pace
2 Renault Zoe 2 Kia E-Niro 2 Tesla Model S
3 Volkswagen e-Golf 3 Kia Soul 3 Tesla Model X

Plug-in hybrid car, hatchback and SUV latest choices


Plug-in hybrid cars under £35k

Under £50k

Executive plug-in hybrid cars

Latest models Latest models Latest models
Mitsubishi Outlander New BMW 3-series Mercedes S-Class Saloon
Hyundai Ioniq BMW 2-series Active Tourer Porsche Cayenne
Kia Niro Volvo S90
Lowest whole life costs Lowest whole life costs Lowest whole life costs
1 Hyundai Ioniq £17,778 1 BMW 2-series Active Tourer £28,926 1 Mercedes E-Class £30,288
2 Mini Countryman £25,746 2 BMW 5-series £39,096 2 Volvo V90 £40,392
3 Mitsubishi Outlander £28,854 3 Volvo S90 £44,172
Top selling** Top selling** Top selling**
1 Mitsubishi Outlander 1 BMW 5-series 1 Range Rover Sport
2 Mini Countryman 2 BMW 3-series 2 Volvo XC90
3 Volkswagen Golf GTE 3 BMW 2-series Active Tourer 3 Range Rover


* These figures include the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) plug-in car grant being taken off the purchase price. † We cannot guarantee these are the lowest costs but they are indicative of the lower whole life costs in these price brackets. Figures courtesy of the Fleet News car running costs calculator. ** Based on April 2018 – March 2019 sales.

*The Volkswagen Group ‘Roadmap E: Electric for Everyone’ strategy sets itself the target of increasing the pace of innovation, and for a quarter of its turnover to be produced by battery-driven vehicles alone by 2025. As part of the roadmap, the Group is developing the Modular Electric Drive System (MEB) and Premium Platform Electric (PPE) – two new platforms specifically for e-cars which form the technological foundation for the future electric fleet.

Are you operating commercial vehicles?

Or are you running a mixed fleet? Why not explore the latest small, medium and large electric van models?

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My Business Lease: EVolve with Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet

With My Business Lease, your leasing solution is completely tailored to your specific requirements, so we start by gaining an in-depth understanding of your evolving business needs. If you’re not yet ready to choose from the best car makes, we’ll empower you to evaluate whether plug-in hybrid or electric are suitable for your fleet and drivers, with free-of-charge tools and advice designed to answer all of your EV queries.

We’re trusted for our expertise in ultra-low emission vehicles because we’re part of a global manufacturing group, with EV and innovation heritage and a defined strategy for electrification. This is evidenced by the 4,000 electric and hybrid vehicles currently being driven by our UK fleet customers.

As well as leasing any make of car, we are fuel-agnostic, so our advice is impartial in addition to being complimentary.

Explore our EV consideration tools, guides and advice:

Providing value with your electric car business lease

With clear, itemised rental quotations from the outset and a number of service-level agreements in place to ensure you have a smooth ordering and leasing experience, we also make sure your car leases provide greater value to your business through cost reductions that are completely transparent with no hidden charges.

For example, we’ve introduced a £100* damage waiver for every hybrid or electric vehicle that is returned to us. In addition, you can pool mileage across your vehicles – that’s across any electric, hybrid, petrol or diesel cars and/or vans you may lease from us, at the end of your contract.

In addition, with My Business Lease, you can rely on our best-in-class solutions – including an award-winning 24/7 concierge service for your drivers.

*Damage waiver for public sector lease vehicles is £150 per car or van.

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