Our partners at Cardinus Risk Management have created Safe Driving Plus to train your drivers and make them aware of key issues. Our duty of care services will help them stay safe on the road and make sure your business stays protected.

For additional peace of mind, this service includes regularly checking driving licences on your behalf to ensure your drivers are covered to drive your business vehicles, including for grey fleet (private vehicle) drivers.

We tell your fleet drivers what they need to know – and use established learning methods to help them remember the details. That means you get to meet your duty of care to your staff and other road users in an efficient, cost-effective way.

Driver training and risk management services that help you meet your duty of care responsibilities

In turn, you protect your business’s performance, budgets and reputation while improving the standard of driving. Stop accidents before they happen – and take the most direct route to a safer, more cost-effective business – with our driver training and duty of care services that help with fleet risk management.

We’ll tailor services to suit your business. However, we recommend Safe Driving Plus driver training to get you started, so your drivers can learn in a cost-effective, convenient and measurable way:

  • Helps your ‘at work’ drivers to drive more safely, reducing the risk of driving incidents
  • Engages and drives knowledge retention with interative sequences, tests and and quizzes
  • e-learning provides constant reinforcement of key safety messages and fleet policies, plus real-world risk scenarios
  • Built-in self-assessment module helps identify drivers exposed to higher levels of risk and that need additional help
  • Unique Cardinus risk management database helps you easily manage user risk assessment data
  • User Action Reports empower your drivers to take direct responsibility for any issues following their risk assessment
  • In-vehicle training designed to help higher risk drivers develop strategies required to improve risk perception and decision-making

In addition we can provide the following risk management services:

  • Driver licence, business insurance and MOT checking to reduce your administration burden
  • Driving at work policies and handbooks, created by our experts, bespoke to your business and in line with the latest regulations
  • Post-accident interviews, to ensure your drivers are supported and your business liability is minimised
  • Management of grey fleet, so all employees are covered when driving for business purposes
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