Give your people the protection they deserve, with Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet.

We tell your drivers what they need to know – and use established learning methods to make sure they remember. That means you get to meet your duty of care to staff and other road users in an efficient, cost-effective way. In turn, you protect your business’s performance, budgets and reputation against poor driving. Stop accidents before they happen – and take the most direct route to a safer, more cost-effective business – with our duty of care services that help with fleet risk management.

We’ll tailor our duty of care services to suit your business, but we recommend the following to get you started:

  • Constant reinforcement of key safety messages and fleet policies through e-learning – so your drivers can learn in a cost-effective, measurable, convenient way.

The training helps your ‘at work’ drivers to drive more safely, reducing their risk of being involved in an accident. The informative modules engage with your drivers, using a combination of interactive sequences, tests and quizzes to ensure long-term knowledge retention.

The process is conducive to fast learning. On completion of the 20-minute e-learning programme your drivers will understand:

  1. The risks they are exposed to when driving for business
  2. What measures they can take to reduce this risk
  3. How the law applies to company drivers

E-learning content in Safe Driving Plus looks at real-world risk scenarios. It focuses on how drivers really drive and when they are most likely to face difficulties. There are also links to resources that provide more detailed information on all aspects of road safety if the driver needs it. Sections on tyre safety and vehicle technology are particularly useful and fleet operators can download information sheets to support their own road safety campaigns.

  • Risk assessment, which helps you identify where your business may be exposed and how to mitigate these risks

Safe Driving Plus features a built-in self-assessment module designed to help identify and provide additional help to drivers exposed to higher levels of risk. Drivers who score well in the risk assessment might not need additional training, saving them time and you money. Each users risk assessment data is stored in PACE, a powerful risk management database unique to Cardinus, where it can be easily managed by you and your management team.

Following the completion of the risk assessment, the User Action Report empowers your drivers to take direct responsibility for any issues. Based on the risk assessment and User Action Report, drivers will undertake e-learning or be recommended for in-vehicle driver awareness training.

  • In-vehicle driver training, for one-to-one coaching that helps drivers learn effectively

The in-vehicle trainer will help higher risk drivers, identified in the risk assessment, to develop the strategies required to improve risk perception and decision-making.

  • Driver licence, business insurance and MOT checking, reducing your administration burden

If you have a large number of drivers this can be a laborious process; gaining consent from your drivers, carrying out the checks with the DVLA, collating your data and deciding on a rechecking process is a time-consuming task.

Before you can check your employees’ driver licenses you need to gain their permission to do so. Historically this has been carried out via a manual paper led process but in 2015 the rules changed and consent can now be gained online via a secure e-consent process. We offer a simple to follow online e-consent process that leads to a higher take-up rate first time of asking, a reduced paper trail and faster start-to-finish driver licence checking process.

  • Driving at work policies and handbooks, created by our experts, bespoke to your business and in line with the latest regulations

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires an employer of five or more people to produce a written health and safety policy. This statement should cover work-related road safety. If your company asks employees to drive on company business, it is your responsibility to make a road-safety policy statement available to employees. Our fleet experts can help you produce this invaluable documentation.

  1. A policy and driver handbook gives you a basis to build your fleet risk management programme
  2. Ensures all employees understand their role in maintaining work-related road safety
  3. An expertly produced policy and handbook will ensure its fit for purpose
  4. A policy and handbook is a vital element of compliance with UK safety legislation

It is important that when a safety policy is made that it’s communicated to employees and that they understand their role and responsibilities for it to be effective. A driver handbook will help you meet compliance and safety objectives by ensuring everyone is informed of what is required of them if they drive on business.

  • Post-accident interviews, to ensure your drivers are supported and your business liability is minimised

An important factor in reducing road risk costs is the investigation and understanding of road traffic accidents. We can interview your drivers shortly after an accident to establish the circumstances and whether there was anything that either the driver or the company could have done to avoid or reduce the effect of the incident. This enables both parties to agree on future actions that may help reduce the likelihood of the same type of incident happening again.

Learn from the mistakes to continually improve:

Interviews are carried out by trained road traffic accident investigation experts with the utmost care and attention

  1. Understanding why accidents occur will help you avoid them in the future
  2. The first step towards building driver confidence after an incident
  3. Post-accident interviews uncover opportunities to improve driver training and/or business practices

How the interviews are carried out:

Highly trained experts carry out our post-accident interviews. Our team of advisers is made up of road traffic accident investigation specialists and is highly experienced in interviewing drivers following an accident. Interviews are carried out in a sympathetic manner taking into account that drivers may have been affected by the incident. In many cases, we can help your drivers start the recovery process.

  • Management of grey fleet, so all employees are covered when driving for business purposes

If you have employees driving their own vehicle for work purposes the responsibility still rests with you to ensure they have the appropriate insurance and that their vehicle is fit for purpose. We can assist with this by carrying out checks to ensure your employees have the appropriate business insurance cover and that their car has a valid MOT certificate and road tax.

The benefits of grey fleet management:

  1. Ensure your grey fleet drivers have the appropriate business insurance cover
  2. Make sure employees driving their own vehicles have a valid MOT certificate
  3. Check that vehicles have been road taxed
  4. Comply with legislation for operating a grey fleet of vehicles
  5. Be sure the business is protected in the event of an incident
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