Fleet management means different things to different fleet operators. You may be looking for best-in-class services and tools to help you manage your business vehicles and drivers, or you may wish to utilise services and tools that empower and support your drivers.

Whether you are leasing business cars or commercial vehicles from Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet, or another provider, we’re happy to work with you to provide the fleet solutions you need.

Our fleet solutions may be award-winning, but we’ll only offer those that will best support you.

Whatever your needs, and that of your business, our promise to you is that we’ll only ever recommend solutions that deliver exactly what you need them to.

If you’re looking for a holistic overview of your fleet through consolidated reporting between telematics and fuel card data, we’ll provide mileage validation, integrated reports and consultative services when you take up award-winning RAC telematics and Fuel+ through us.

Or, you may prefer to take advantage of our award-winning driver services, such as our 24/7 Driverline concierge, with a highly trained team providing assistance, and Driver Quotation Portal which empowers your drivers to choose their own vehicles to your budget and spec guidelines.

Accident management

Accident management: Accidents can be a stressful time. Once you’ve made sure everyone involved is safe, you’ve got to protect your business from spiralling costs.

That’s where we come in. With a single point of contact from first notification of loss, through claims handling, all the way to final repairs, it’s simple to keep your expenses under control.

We reach the finish line in record time, too. Our rapid repair service makes sure your vehicles are repaired to the highest standard, in the quickest possible time. And the less downtime you suffer, the further your budget will go. So discover Accident Management from Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet – and start looking forward to a more efficient business.

Our fleet accident management service includes:

  • Dedicated accident management team
    Our accident management team is here to support you online or by phone, 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Specialised legal services
    You can rest assured with experienced accident legal services working to recover uninsured losses quickly – and save your business money.
  • RAC inControl portal
    Real-time insights through the portal allow you to analyse incident types straight away – and act fast to lessen the chances of these happening again.
  • Expert personal injury service
    Your drivers will receive personal injury support if they make a claim, ensuring there’s no conflict of interest during the initial claim-handling period.
  • Full visibility of costs
    For peace of mind; accident repair costs and completion dates are controlled by a team of qualified assessor engineers.
Fleet breakdown cover

Fleet breakdown cover: We’ll get you back on the road faster than ever.

Powered by the RAC, our support team fixes four out of five breakdowns on the roadside – with an average fix time of just 30 minutes – so you can enjoy less downtime, and more productivity.

When you’re driving towards a deadline to deliver, you won’t let your customers down: if we can’t fix your car or van by the roadside, we’ll arrange for a temporary replacement there and then. So the cost to your budget – and to your reputation – is dramatically reduced.

Armed with the latest diagnostic technology, we’re better placed than anyone to keep your business moving with our fleet breakdown cover.

Our breakdown response provides:

  • Fully equipped roadside assistance
    With more than 500 parts and tools in the breakdown assistance vehicle, we can fix most issues by the roadside, regardless of the vehicle’s manufacturer.
  • All of our vehicles are covered
    Support for all vehicles that are funded by us – regardless of their make, and whether they’re covered by maintained or non-maintained contracts.
  • Customer confidence
    We’ll give you complete confidence through services that 92% of members would recommend to their friends and family.
  • Universal spare wheel
    We’ll provide a universal spare wheel that puts you back in business if your driver doesn’t have a spare in their vehicle.
Business fuel card solution

Business fuel card solution: We’ve partnered with The Miles Consultancy (TMC) to help you manage your business fuel costs with the multi-award-winning Fuel+.

Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet is the only UK business leasing company offering this fuel card solution directly to our customers. We guarantee that if your first-year saving doesn’t amount to double the TMC fee, TMC will make up the difference.

Fuel+ is valid for use at all outlets that accept VISA, including all low-cost supermarkets and a range of hotels, in the UK and across Europe – providing considerable coverage for your drivers.

The following features are designed to help you manage fuel and card use:

  • Define locations
    Define where the fuel card can be used, including 98% of UK filling stations, tolls, parking, congestion charges (this can be set for use as a credit card if required).
  • Business mileage monitoring
    TMC’s Mileage Capture and Audit System separates business fuel use, helping you to accurately meet HMRC requirements and streamline payments.
  • Define fuel usage
    Determine the number of refills allowed per day and check the amount of fuel purchased versus fuel tank capacity.
  • Peace of mind
    There are no transaction charges for card use, and chip and pin technology provide an extra level of security and peace of mind.
  • Total visibility
    Benefit from total visibility of fuel purchasing, as well as management reports that provide an overview of your entire fleet’s fuel costs and economy.
  • Fuel card and telematics reporting
    Take up award-winning Fuel+ and RAC telematics for integrated reports, mileage validation and consultative services.
Driver quotation portal

Driver quotation portal: Take the stress out of replacing your fleet, with our award-winning driver quotation portal.

Our portal empowers your drivers to choose their own lease vehicles – so you don’t have to. And because it only allows them to select vehicles that fall within your policies, you can be sure they’ll be on budget, and on spec.

In other words, you get maximum peace of mind – and minimum workload. Your drivers will save time too. They’re free to discover the vehicles that suit them, using 16 different filtering criteria – so they get exactly what they need to be more productive.

Our award-winning driver quotation portal provides drivers with:

  • BiK for each spec
    Vehicle images and dynamic specs that show drivers the BIK impact of their choices instantly – so they can choose with complete confidence.
  • Access anywhere, anytime
    With access from any device, drivers can browse and select their vehicle wherever they are, and whatever they’re doing.
  • Easy ordering
    A simple and intuitive interface which allows users to make their decision quickly and easily – without needing to talk to their Fleet Manager.
  • Direct query service
    Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet will manage any queries directly with the driver – helping to reduce your workload even further.
Driverline: Our award-winning, 24/7 concierge service gives you the peace of mind of fast issue resolution and reduced downtime. And, when combined with a service, maintenance and repair (SMR) plan, you can enjoy fixed cost servicing throughout your lease contract.

Driverline provides your drivers with reassurance and convenience whether they are at home, work or on the road. Designed to assist you and your drivers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, your concierge services are tailored to your fleet and lease vehicles’ exact requirements. For example, if you select our accident management services, these calls will also be managed by the Driverline team:

  • 24/7 concierge service
    Drivers can arrange a number of services with our specialist advisors, at any time of day or night, and report accidents and vandalism.
  • Franchised dealers
    Delivered within our extensive franchised dealer network, servicing, maintenance and repairs are delivered with genuine parts and paints*.
  • Expert issue resolution
    Our team of experts is experienced in finding a solution to almost any vehicle issue.
  • Tyre and glass replacements
    The Driverline team will also arrange for tyre replacements** and glass repair or replacement.
  • Same day servicing and repairs
    Our agents arrange servicing, MOT and mechanical repairs in one call, at a time and place requested by your driver – even if it’s the same day.
  • Reduced fleet downtime
    Fast, efficient problem resolution of the most common vehicle issues results in less downtime and fewer calls to you.
*As the UK’s largest contracted service provider, you can rest assured that we maintain more than 700,000 vehicles under SMR contract.

**Tyres keep your drivers on the road. That’s why we use four-time, ROSPA Gold Award winners ATS Euromaster as our preferred tyre maintenance supplier.

Main tyre supplier is ATS Euromaster, although our dealership network can also fit them and at our discretion, National Tyres can fit tyres in special circumstances.

†You can rest assured that should we receive a request to replace glass under your vehicle’s insurance, it will be with genuine glass to ensure your driver assistance systems are enabled.

Driver training and risk management

Driver training: Our partners at Cardinus Risk Management have created Safe Driving Plus to train your drivers and make them aware of key issues.

Our duty of care services will help them stay safe on the road and make sure your business stays protected. For additional peace of mind, this service includes regularly checking driving licences on your behalf to ensure your drivers are covered to drive your business vehicles, including for grey fleet (private vehicle) drivers.

We tell your fleet drivers what they need to know – and use established learning methods to help them remember the details. That means you get to meet your duty of care to your staff and other road users in an efficient, cost-effective way.

Services that help you meet your duty of care responsibilities

In turn, you protect your business’s performance, budgets and reputation while improving the standard of driving. Stop accidents before they happen – and take the most direct route to a safer, more cost-effective business – with our driver training and duty of care services that help with fleet risk management.

We’ll tailor services to suit your business. However, we recommend Safe Driving Plus driver training to get you started, so your drivers can learn in a cost-effective, convenient and measurable way while understanding how to drive more safely to reduce the risk of driving incidents:

  • Driver strategies
    In-vehicle training designed to help higher risk drivers develop strategies required to improve risk perception and decision-making.
  • Built-in self-assessment
    Built-in self-assessment module helps identify drivers exposed to higher levels of risk and that need additional help.
  • Interactive learning
    Engages and drives knowledge retention with interactive sequences, tests and quizzes.
  • Unique risk database
    Unique Cardinus risk management database helps you easily manage user risk assessment data.
  • Risk scenarios
    e-learning provides constant reinforcement of key safety messages and fleet policies, plus real-world risk scenarios.
  • Action reports
    User Action Reports empower your drivers to take direct responsibility for any issues following their risk assessment.
In addition we can provide the following risk management services:
  • Driver licence checks
    Driver licence, business insurance and MOT checking to reduce your administration burden.
  • Grey fleet services
    Management of grey fleet, so all employees are covered when driving for business purposes.
  • Driving policies and handbooks
    Driving at work policies and handbooks, created by our experts, bespoke to your business and in line with the latest regulations.
  • Post-accident support
    Post-accident interviews, to ensure your drivers are supported and your business liability is minimised.


EVolve: EV consideration hub – complimentary support

To plug-in or not to plug-in, that is the question? Discover a whole world of advice, tools and guidance to help you consider plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles for your fleet.

Wherever you are on your journey of discovering whether electric cars or vans are suitable for your fleet, we’ve developed a whole host of easy-to-digest facts, handy tools, in-depth guidance, and personal support, to help drive your conclusions – at no cost to you.


  • EValuate: Fleet analysis
    Discover the viablity of hybrid or electric for your fleet, with advice and tools to help you evaluate your options.



  • It’s EVerywhere: Charging
    Explore how the charging infrastructure is evolving, including advice and guidance around home, work and public charging.


  • EVerything else: Driver support Advice and tools designed to help you prepare your drivers and business for the transition to plug-in hybrid or electric.
Fleet consultancy

Fleet consultancy: Arrange with your experienced account manager to provide fleet support that meets your specific requirements.

Whether you fund your vehicles with us or another business vehicle leasing provider, this includes constructive advice, analysis and recommendations to help you get your fleet operating to its full potential:

  • Whole-life cost consultation
    Whole-life cost analysis of your current fleet versus the market.
  • Comprehensive fleet reporting
    Delivering a wide range of current data, from monthly financials, total spend per cost centre and pooled mileage to driver dashboard analysis.
  • Technology updates
    Keeping abreast of new vehicle models and other technological innovations.
  • Strategic planning
    Ensuring your fleet is designed and equipped to meet the mobility requirements of the future.
  • Social and environmental responsibility planning
    Protect your drivers and the environment with tools and advice around governance, legislation and taxation, such as IFRS 16, GDPR and WLTP.
  • Cost analysis
    Exploring funding options, such as salary sacrifice, and tax optimisation.
  • Policy development
    Ensuring your policies are fully tailored and compliant.
  • Advice on risk management, duty of care and driving
    Understanding compliance requirements for fleets with 10+ vehicles. This is also supported by our driver duty of care and driving licence checking services.
  • Vehicle choice for specific usage
    Explore bespoke and specialist conversion options with our experts, that are fit for purpose and cost-effective – managed by us through the same single invoice.
  • Objective advice on the best fuel type
    Ensuring your fleet is using the most appropriate fuel type for your business.
Fleet Management Dashboard

Fleet Management Dashboard: Take control of your fleet, and stay there. Discover our fleet dashboard.

Fleet Management Dashboard keeps you up to speed on everything from fleet mileage and maintenance to motor insurance and tax, giving you visibility of the data you need to act on before any problems develop – and keep your fleet running to its full, most profitable capacity.

New insights mean new savings too. With clearer visibility of your fleet’s whole-life costs, you’ve got the vantage point to make your fleet maintenance budget go even further. And because the software gives you an instant overview of your entire fleet, you can easily create customised reports, action alerts and driver updates.

Fleet Management Dashboard delivers:

  • Fleet overview
    Fleet Management Dashboard gives you an overview of your entire fleet – not just cars and vans leased from us.
  • Customised reports
    Set daily, weekly or monthly reports, so you’re alerted when you need to make changes – and can stop downtime before it occurs.
  • Driver updates
    Update fleet drivers individually, or via group emails or texts, so they’ve got the information they need to drive profitably.
  • Set action alerts
    Receive automatic alerts every time you access the dashboard – reminding you to take action to avoid costly downtime.
  • Action alerts include
    Insurance and lease expiration, licence checks, mileage checks, MOT reminders, tax reminders, and servicing cues.
  • Standard service
    All this is completely free when you fund at least one vehicle with us, or use one of our other solutions.
Service and maintenance

Service, maintenance and repair (SMR): As the UK’s largest contracted service provider, you can rest assured that we maintain more than 700,000 vehicles under SMR contracts.

We’re the only fleet management outfit to actively direct all our customers towards franchised dealer servicing and genuine parts, paints and glass for all makes of our business lease vehicles as standard. This translates to:

  • Less time off-road for your company’s lease cars, because brand-trained technicians fix more vehicles first time
  • A faster, better customer experience for your drivers
  • Two-year warranties for genuine parts, with no upper claims limit
  • Three-year warranties for manufacturers’ genuine batteries
  • Every time a vehicle is seen, it will be updated with the latest software, so it can operate at its most efficient
  • Protection of your vehicles’ residual values thanks to high quality workmanship and parts


Your service, maintenance and repair billing can be consolidated into a single convenient invoice.

What’s more, we can help you manage costs and reduce your admin time by using our expertise and economies of scale:

  • Experienced maintenance controllers
    Our team of experienced vehicle technicians understand the requirements for each job and are able to identify and remove excess costs before authorising work.
  • Up to £1,000 authorisation
    We can agree a minimum authorisation cost of up to £1,000, so we can go ahead with routine SMR work, within this limit, without prior approval.
  • Fixed servicing costs
    We can provide a fixed cost on scheduled service and maintenance work, which we will build into your leasing cost to ensure you can budget accordingly.
  • Pay on use
    Or you can choose to pay on use depending on your risk and cost-control requirements.
  • Authorisation within 10 minutes
    Service and maintenance is authorised within 10 minutes, helping to reduce vehicle downtime.
  • Maintenance policy support
    If you require support to set and control your maintenance policy, we can do the legwork for you.
  • 80 per cent request automation
    We’ve pioneered automation for service requests and can automatically authorise as much as 80 per cent of requests.
  • 8 minute response time
    We have a target average response time of 8 minutes to service/maintenance enquiries.
  • Capacity to support change
    On average, we manage more than 40,000 SMR invoices a month so we have the capacity to support changes in your business.

Considering going electric? Take a look at our complimentary electric car and van maintenance guidance:


Short- and medium-term car and van hire

Short-term car and van hire: Business rentals designed for your short-term fleet needs with our trusted partner, Nexus

When you’re operating a fleet of vehicles, you may have circumstances, like a new person coming on board or a period between selling a vehicle and securing its replacement, when you may need short-term business car or commercial vehicle hire.

Whether you need business car or van rental for a few hours, days or a month, our trusted partner, Nexus, provides a choice of more than 500,000 vehicles throughout the UK.

Standard short-term rental cars delivered to your door within two hours, free of charge

What’s more, Nexus guarantees that standard cars will be available in less than two hours with breakdown and recovery included in the cost. Plus, ordering couldn’t be easier:

  • 24/7 online ordering platform
    A 24/7 online business car hire platform allows you to reserve, extend and cancel a booking in seconds, plus take advantage of precise billing.
  • Transparent damages process
    A clear damages process saves clients 38% each year on average on damage costs.
  • Fast order confirmation
    You’ll receive confirmation of your car rental booking within 60 seconds and for commercial vehicle rental within 30 minutes.
  • Specialist or converted vehicles
    Choose to rent specialist or converted vehicles when you have specific business or accessibility requirements.
  • Free delivery and collection
    Your free delivery and collection service is provided on all cars and commercial vehicles.

Medium-term rentals: Flexi-Rent provides a medium-term business car and commercial vehicle hire solution from VWFS Rent-a-Car

Whatever vehicle you require for the minimum term of 28 days, Flexi-Rent offers you all the flexibility of long-term rental but without the ties of contract hire.

With no penalty for mid-term swaps, our Flexi-Rent solution means you can make sure you’ve got the right cars and vans for your medium-term business needs, at the right time.

That means you can change vehicles during the rental term to suit your fluctuating business needs – with no penalty. You’ll also get instant access to Driverline, our 24/7 fleet support service including breakdown and accident assistance, as well as your own dedicated account manager.

How it works:

  • Rent vehicles simply and quickly when you need them
  • You are guaranteed to receive a Volkswagen Group car that is less than 8 months old or a commercial vehicle that is less than 18 months old.
  • We’ll deliver or collect to any specified location within mainland UK
  • You can keep the vehicle for as long as you need it
  • If you decide to change the marque or model* during your term you can do so without incurring a penalty charge.
  • Your dedicated account manager can book these for you with no upfront payment**.

*Volkswagen Group only **Based on credit check

Fleet Telematics

Fleet Telematics: We’ll do anything to prevent downtime – night or day – with our telematics solution.

Our Driverline agents will be prompted to call your drivers when their vehicle needs servicing, and stop the interruption before it starts. And because Driverline is a 24/7 service, it means we’re always on hand to step in, and make interventions that save you money.

There’s more to what puts us ahead of the game. We provide drivers with a Bluetooth fob which allows them to confirm their identity, and whether they’re about to undertake a business or private journey. So your data stays accurate, and you’ve got a clear route to a more profitable fleet.

Our fleet telematics solution provides:

  • Accident notifications
    Detect impacts as low as five miles per hour. Immediately check your driver is safe and uninjured, if a courtesy vehicle will be required, and reduce downtime.
  • Automated reports
    Score drivers based on their driving style and behaviour, allowing you to educate on safety, fuel spend, and cutting CO2 emissions, tyre wear and insurance costs.
  • Easy installation
    Our solution can simply be plugged into the car or van’s OBD port – zero downtime required.
  • 24/7 tracking
    With detailed cost reporting that could see you save up to 25 per cent on wear and tear, and 15 per cent on fuel bills.
  • Optional geo-fencing
    You have the option to geo-fence your vehicles, so you can be alerted if vehicles are being used outside of prescribed hours or locations.
  • Fuel type analysis
    Our Future Fleet Analysis tool provides recommendations based on which vehicles could be replaced with an EV or plug-in hybrid, and those best suited to petrol or diesel.

Tyres: We use our trusted partners ATS Euromaster to manage and supply this vital service and keep your drivers on the road.

The condition of the tyres on your fleet is paramount as they are the only contact the vehicle has with the road surface and they form an integral part of the driver’s safety and comfort as well as the vehicle’s economy and performance.

That’s why here at Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet we use 4-time ROSPA Gold Award winners, ATS Euromaster as our preferred tyre maintenance supplier*. With over 330 centres nationally, over 800 mobile fitting vans and 97.4% customer satisfaction rating we know that you’ll be in good hands for any of your tyre needs.

We offer a wide range of fleet tyre management options from premium manufacturers such as Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop ensuring that your fleet vehicles are covered for all of their performance, handling and braking needs.

If you have a specific question or would simply like us to contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact us below.