19th Feb 2024 |
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VWFS Fleet’s David Watts named in GreenFleet’s 100 Most Influential for 2024

For nearly 20 years, VWFS Fleet’s EV Product Manager, David Watts, has been a strong advocate for fleet electrification, decarbonisation and sustainability. This month, his continued commitment to promoting the transition to accessible, low carbon transport solutions has, once again, been publicly recognised.

David’s knowledge and experience continue to position him as a prominent and trusted voice for EV fleet solutions – and this has been rewarded with another listing in GreenFleet’s prestigious 100 Most Influential for fleet decarbonisation for 2024.

David Watts VWFS Fleet EV Expert

David’s rise from number 68 to 31 in the space of a year reflects his continued and growing influence within the fleet sector. His expertise is critical as electric vehicle adoption spikes ahead of the 2035 ban.

This recognition comes after David was named one of GreenFleet’s EV Champions at the end of 2023.

Speaking about the listing, David says: “It’s an honour to be listed once again in this year’s GreenFleet Top 100. It remains more important than ever that the industry continues to make the argument for fleet decarbonisation, and that companies, such as VWFS Fleet, deliver the advice and tools needed to support businesses on this journey.”

While EVs dominate today’s news agenda, David’s work on EV transition dates back to 2012 – where he worked at the Energy Saving Trust to develop the blueprint for today’s EV journey. Here, he also contributed to the ground-breaking ‘Plugged-in Fleets Initiative’, setting the pathway for the fleet sector. He is also a founding member of the Association of Fleet Professionals’ (AFP) EV committee, dedicated to supporting and guiding organisations that are looking to build their fleet’s sustainability.

Shaping VWFS Fleet’s EV offering

In his role as EV Product Manager at VWFS Fleet, David leads the company’s EV proposition. His work supports businesses embarking on their journey to increase EV adoption, delivered through expert consultancy and the development of innovative solutions to build on VWFS Fleet’s EV offering.

VWFS Fleet offers an unprecedented package of EV support for fleets, which David has been instrumental in shaping. This gives fleet managers access to a range of informative free guides, strategic advice and practical tools that help them build an effective roadmap to EV adoption.

As part of this, David is currently working on an exciting new driver tool – due to launch in March 2024. This will equip fleet decision-makers with all the information they need to ensure their drivers select an EV that meets their individual driving needs. It will also highlight specific considerations that may need to be made, alongside signposting to further support tools, to ensure a smooth transition based on drivers’ unique profiles. 

“VWFS Fleet is laser-focused on creating the solutions that fleets need for an effective and seamless transition to an EV future. The new products in development are prime examples of how we’re continuing to support fleet managers with innovative thinking and practical solutions as the EV transition accelerates.”

David’s expert leadership and decades-long enthusiasm, combined with VWFS Fleet’s unwavering commitment to make EV fleet adoption as effective and easy as possible, means a successful low carbon future for fleets is now more attainable than ever.

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