15th Dec 2023 |
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VWFS Fleet launches industry-leading digital driver assistance solution

VWFS Fleet e-Driverline

Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) Fleet has launched its brand-new e-Driverline concierge solution, extending its Driverline service to an easy-to-use digital self-serve platform. This encompasses everything fleet drivers need to manage maintenance requirements – from routine services to breakdown support.

e-Driverline is a market-leading, customer-first solution that supports fleet operators in managing their fleet’s uptime and puts the power in drivers hands to maintain their vehicles easily. The free online self-service portal means drivers can easily get the support they need for their vehicle, at any time, at the click of a button, taking the hassle away from the Fleet Operator.

When using the portal, the experience is completely personalised for the fleet operator and driver. After entering their registration number, drivers can proactively see any MOT, services or recall notices, alerting them to any upcoming or outstanding requirements for their vehicle. Drivers can also request ‘call back’ support directly through the platform, rather than having to call in for help.  

The platform covers an extensive range of support services, including breakdowns and accidents, service and maintenance, as well as tyres and glass replacement. Drivers can also access foreign travel support, for those using their vehicle overseas, and rental policy information, quickly and easily.

The solution recognises each vehicle type, providing concise support for growing requirements, such as electric vehicles (EVs), where the central hub includes a map of nearby vehicle charging points, to support fleet operators and drivers with their journey to electrification.

e-Driverline is also future proofed and ready for connected cars. As connectivity continues to develop, the data will be able to integrate with the platform directly to allow for a seamless digital experience.

Alex Mills, Fleet Supplier Manager, at VWFS Fleet, comments:

“e-Driverline is a revolutionary new tool to support both drivers and fleet operators alike. We know not all drivers like having to call in to request support, so the solution acts as a digital replication of our call Driverline solution, giving support across all vehicle in-life maintenance services online, providing greater flexibility.”

“It doesn’t just help support drivers when something goes wrong, it also helps fleet operators get ahead of planned downtime events, like MOTs and services. Drivers get really clear online visibility of what’s going on with their vehicle and any upcoming maintenance. e-Driverline is best in class, offering customers a customised, omnichannel experience, which we have received great feedback on so far.”

To learn more, or register your vehicle, visit VWFS Fleet’s e-Driveline platform.

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