10th Nov 2023 |
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How to simplify fleet management for businesses

For a business to offer streamlined services to its customers, it needs to ensure processes operate efficiently, demand is met quickly and that any risk is kept to a minimum. A big part of keeping things running smoothly is being able to speak with clients regularly to keep relationships strong and happy – and new, virtual ways of working make this easier than ever before.

However, with ongoing transport strikes and delays on new vehicles, companies need an effective and streamlined fleet – now more than ever.

The problem: The need for speed

Like many other businesses, CLEAN Linen & Workwear – a uniforms, linen and textile rental laundry services supplier for many companies, including UK-wide engineering and manufacturing firms, hotels, restaurants and catering services – relies on strong business relationships and connections. With a lot of companies relying on CLEAN’s services, it’s vital things run smoothly and effectively and that it can meet customers’ needs.

As Peter Cox, Head of Transport at CLEAN, says:

“The service we offer our customers relies on well-established, strong, personal connections between our account managers and customers. We can’t afford to waste time when it comes to the logistical side of our business – we need to make sure we’re on the road delivering our services to the businesses that rely on us. ”

“Our drivers cover long distances, which not only means they need reliable cars, but it also means we’re likely to need to renew cars sooner – but we can’t afford to take a hit by waiting for long periods of time for a replacement.”

With vehicle lead times causing concern, on top of the rising costs that come with fleet maintenance, CLEAN wanted to keep up the efficiency of delivery for its customers and needed a reliable mode of transport to do so.

The solution: A fast-moving fleet

VWFS Fleet knew what CLEAN needed: a fast turnaround when it came to renewing its ageing fleet. This meant looking at a range of different vehicles to find a solution that would save them time, money and stress. The CLEAN team also needed to streamline processes to make sure no time was lost waiting when they could, and should be, on the road.

Peter continues: “At the start of the pandemic when the automotive industry was going through supply issues, we were really struggling to locate the cars we needed to replace our ageing company car fleet, so we turned to VWFS Fleet to help us locate stock.

“Thankfully, we were able to extend the lease on our current vehicles until new stock arrived. This meant we could continue our business as usual without impacting our customers.”

Working closely with his dedicated account manager, Tara Kitchener, has enabled Peter to maintain his fleet more easily through these challenging times. He says,

“Tara has offered consistently strong support whenever I’ve needed to reach out. Having a single point of contact has really helped me; Tara is knowledgeable about my business and can anticipate my needs.”

To make sure the fleet continues to meet business demands, Peter is utilising more VWFS Fleet services and tools to help him save time on all his BAU processes.

Through their master lease agreement with VWFS Fleet, CLEAN orders new vehicles as and when it needs without having to go through a credit application each and every time. This helped to streamline the vehicle ordering process.

“We now have a one-stop-shop for all fleet needs, which makes the process much easier and quicker for me and my team”, says Peter.

To make things even easier, CLEAN uses VWFS Fleet’s Fleet Management Portal, which gives insight into all historical and live rental vehicle data. It can also track new vehicle orders, raise and track queries or connect to customer support via the portal anywhere, anytime.

Additionally, through the portal, CLEAN can manage vehicle and driver downtime efficiently with real-time information related to MOT and servicing. And even though some of their commercial fleet is leased by another provider, they can still upload all the information onto the portal. That means that CLEAN can have a complete view of their fleet; all their data is in one place and is easier to manage.

“By being able to track things quickly – including the mileage our drivers have covered – we can stay on top of our fleet and our drivers’ needs. We have saved thousands by moving away from hire cars and using VWFS Fleet,” adds Peter.

To be continued…

With its strong fleet continuing to grow, CLEAN can now focus its attention elsewhere by expanding its business for the benefit of its customers.

Looking ahead, VWFS Fleet will provide a supporting hand with environmental solutions and look at ways CLEAN can make its fleet more sustainable, in a cost-effective way and in line with the amount of mileage the drivers do.

But with concerns around EV charging, VWFS Fleet will be looking to its Pod Point partnership to support CLEAN going forwards. VWFS Fleet aims to ensure all their customers can consider an electric vehicle (EV) or plug-in hybrid (PHEV), by providing a home charge point and installation service that can be billed alongside the lease for 12 months.

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