10th May 2023 |
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Volkswagen Financial Services Fleet appoints new EV expert

Volkswagen Financial Services Fleet (VWFS Fleet) has appointed a new EV expert to help UK fleets transition to electric vehicles (EVs). 

David Watts VWFS Fleet EV Expert

David Watts joins as Fleet Product Manager for Electric Vehicles, with nearly 27 years in the Fleet industry, and 17 years of experience developing Fleet sustainability and electrification strategies to support businesses’ carbon reduction objectives. He specialises in helping fleets navigate the challenges they face in order to successfully make the transition to electric.

His experience also saw him develop the blueprint for today’s EV transition. In a previous role at the Energy Saving Trust, he worked on the ground breaking ‘Plugged-in Fleets Initiative’, demonstrating the transition to EVs back in 2012, well before the current generation of vehicles and charging infrastructure was in place.

As well as being an original member of the EV committee for the Association of Fleet Professionals, David has also been listed as Green Fleet’s UK 100 most influential, recognising individuals in their effort to decarbonise fleet and transport. 

In his role at VWFS, he will offer fleets of all sizes guidance on their transitions ahead of the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans. 

David Watts, Fleet Product Manager for Electric Vehicles at Volkswagen Financial Services Fleet, said: “I’m looking forward to bringing my expertise to VWFS Fleet customers. Each business is at a different point in its EV transition and will face different challenges based on its fleet composition. 

“From encouraging driver adoption to providing expert consultancy on charging infrastructure, I’m here to help businesses tackle the EV transition difficulties.”

“I’m passionate about making sure we tackle the key issues that fleets will face in the coming years, such as navigating charging reimbursement policies to ensure drivers using a home, public or workplace charging networks are fairly reimbursed. With steadily increasing numbers of EV drivers, particularly those who cannot charge up at home, and this will only become more of an issue as other financial benefits of owning an EV such as reduced benefit in kind and car tax are removed.”

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