7th Apr 2022 |
2 min read

NHS Fleet Solutions Opts for 200 Golf GTEs

Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet (VWFS | Fleet) has secured a major deal with NHS Fleet Solutions to supply 200 Golf GTE plug-in hybrids.

As part of Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, NHS Fleet Solutions is a major supplier of user-chooser vehicles to employees across the wider NHS and 170 public sector organisations and is responsible for managing more than 20,000 vehicles. VWFS | Fleet has been working with the organisation for the past six years.

“Rather than running a traditional company car scheme for a certain number of drivers, we offer employees access to a car – as user-choosers, through salary sacrifice – as one of the benefits of their employment,”

David Hanson, Managing Director of NHS Fleet Solutions

“It’s a worthwhile benefit for them, that is great for recruitment and retention, but also returns a benefit to the employer. Our job is to come up with the right mix of cars at the right price that is attractive to our employees.”

One of the key appeals of the Golf GTE plug-in hybrid is its low benefit-in-kind (BIK) rate, which significantly reduces the costs that employees are required to meet – something that is particularly crucial for public sector employees.

“The reason we went for the Golf GTE is that they offer value for money, and are desirable cars to have,” David adds. “As a car, they tick all the boxes.  We’ve also had a good long-standing relationship with VWFS | Fleet – they understand our needs from an admin perspective, and we know they’ll deliver from a quality perspective. On this particular deal, they also offered the best value for money.”

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