7th Apr 2022 |
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Helping Dräger To Save Money and Run a More Efficient Fleet

Leading medical and safety technology company Dräger employs around 13,000 people all around the world. It sells supplies and services equipment for a range of organisations including hospitals, emergency services, the chemical industry and the oil and gas sector.

When Dräger was reassessing the structure of its fleet and how it could be run more efficiently and save money, it turned to Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet (VWFS | Fleet) for advice.

VWFS | Fleet and Michael Gibson, Indirect Commodity Manager at Dräger, put forward a proposal that would deliver cost savings and put an updated car policy in place.

We have always had a great working relationship with VWFS | Fleet and that has grown stronger over time. There is a great deal of trust, and their expertise has proven invaluable.

We have a fleet of 185 cars on the lease scheme and about 30 cars on our grey fleet where employees get a car allowance and can choose their own vehicle.

Together we worked on bringing these cars into the fleet scheme for employees driving more than 8,000 business miles per year, to bring cost savings for us and for safety reasons.

The swap means we have better visibility of the cars and can make sure they’re maintained properly, with regular servicing and tyre checks.

VWFS | Fleet was also able to help us switch fuel card supplier. We were already considering the change and VWFS | Fleet provided the validation to make the swap.

Michael Gibson, Indirect Commodity Manager at Dräger

As part of the agreement, Dräger has also introduced a 110g/km emissions limit for its fleet until 2019, which will lead to annual cost avoidances of up to £40,000. It has also moved its lease agreements from 36 to 42 months to bring even more savings.

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