7th Apr 2022 |
1 min read

“First-class account management from day one,” Says Secure One

Ian Bass, Director of Secure One, contacted us to supply a telematics solution for his high-mileage fleet of security systems installation with the aim of helping him keep track of his drivers and increasing productivity.

Our first step was to find out some facts about how the company operated, so we could pinpoint which solutions were most appropriate. From our research, we established how telematics could be implemented to produce significant cost savings and so we offered Secure One a three-month trial of our system.

The benefits were realised after just one month of the trial, with improvements in mileage reduction, fuel savings and driver productivity. The saving achieved in the month equalled the cost of running our telematics over 12 months.

“From day one Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet demonstrated their technical expertise and first-class account management, enabling us to maximise vehicle up time, and supply a similar quality service to our customers. It has also helped us to identify driver training needs, so we can arrange the right instruction and subsequently reduce the number of accidents in which our vehicles are involved.”

Ian Bass, Director Secure of One
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