Our fuel cost comparator allows you to compare the fuel costs for a range of petrol, diesel and electric vehicles, to see how much an electric vehicle can save you, for example on a single journey, per year or for your contracted mileage. Just select the type of vehicle you’re interested in, enter the mileage you want to analyse, and the tool does the rest.

We even provide several different options for the cost of EV charging, so you can see the typical difference in cost you might expect between home, public AC, rapid and ultra-rapid charging options.

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Volkswagen e-up!

Range: 160.9 miles

Battery size: 32 kWh

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Fuel cost comparison

ICE vehicles


Electric vehicle options:

Compare how the different electric charging options will impact your journey costs using the examples below.

Option 1: Public DC ultra-rapid (>150kW)
Option 1:
Public DC ultra-rapid (>150kW)
Option 2: Public DC rapid (50kW)
Option 2:
Public DC rapid (50kW)
Option 3: Public AC (11kW-22kW typically)
Option 3:
Public AC (11kW-22kW typically)
Option 4: Home (7kW)
Option 4:
Home (7kW) *

Interested in learning more about how you could save on fuel with an EV?

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This tool is designed to offer guidance on typical fuel costs, based on your choice of vehicle type. It should not be relied upon solely to inform your buying decision. We advise speaking to one of our experts and carefully considering your personal circumstances before making a final decision.

Running costs have been based on the representative model listed, and comparable petrol and diesel models, coupled with the journey length specified, using published WLTP combined figures.

The calculations assume petrol price of 163.30p/litre, diesel price of 177.70p/litre, Public DC ultra-rapid 55p/kWh, Public DC rapid 48p/kWh, Public AC 40p/kWh, Home 28p/kWh.

* Option 4 - Home (7kW): Average Electricity unit rate – source: British Gas