Charging: answering your queries
around installation and charging points

When it comes to considering electric vehicles for your fleet, we understand you may have a number of questions around charging at home, work and in public. Our guidance is designed to help give you the solutions you need.

I need an electric vehicle lease that makes charging easier

If you’re looking for a business leasing partner who can advise on EV home charging, not only can we help, we can include electric car charger home installation in the price of your business lease.

Delve deeper with our EV charging and infrastructure guide

This guide tells you everything you need to know about EV charging and building an infrastructure that goes the distance – at home, work, and using public charging points. It’s also free-of-charge to download.

Read our EV charging and infrastructure guide
Your business case for EV: free guide, PowerPoint structure and case study.

Even with the ease of home charging installation our Pod Point partnership offers, we know building evidence needs some serious thought. Our complimentary pack provides step-by-step business case support.

Dedicated support from our electric vehicle charging experts

Whether you are in the process of considering your charging infrastructure requirements, or would like support to help you consider your business case in more depth, our EV team is happy to help you.

Contact our electric vehicle advisors