We know that for our SME customers simplicity is the key to keeping their worries at bay. They’d like an uncomplicated leasing experience with the vehicles they need, at the very best price, with simplified paperwork that makes life easier.

What they also need is plenty of support running their fleet – cutting down on the administrative tasks and the problems on their to-do list that detract from the day-to-day running of their core business. If you asked them what they’d like more than anything, they’d simply tell you it would be time to focus their concentration on what they do best.

What’s more, they want simple and fast issue resolution in just one conversation – with the peace of mind that they will be looked after by a team of experts.

Why choose Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet?

  • Dedicated account managers who understand the needs of SMEs
  • No unpredictable mileage costs


  • Less complexity with one, straightforward contract
  • Lower maintenance costs with our simple tyre replacement policy


  • Free contract amendments
  • £100 waiver on chargeable repairs


Dedicated SME Account Management

  • A dedicated Account Manager with a team to support all SME Customers
  • Account Managers work closely with customers regularly reviewing the performance of their fleet

A single, straightforward contract makes life easier for customers

  • SME customers often have to keep track of separate terms and conditions across multiple contracts


  • We keep complexity to a minimum by giving customers a single lease agreement for their entire fleet

Free contract amendments

  • Customers can amend contracts as many times as needed with no administration fees


  • Contracts cannot be amended in the first or last 6 months of the contract period
  • Formal extensions can be made in the last 6 months of the contract period


No unpredictable mileage costs

  • Pooled mileage helps customers reduce their annual mileage costs



  • Distributing annual mileage across all leased vehicles makes it easy to recover unused mileage at the end of the contract period
  • Mileage that has not been used will be rolled over into the following year. ‘Over-mileage’ is recovered in the following contract period
Terms and conditions apply.  

A simple tyre replacement policy reduces maintenance costs

VWFS | Fleet Standard Contract Hire with Maintenance includes a ‘No Quibble Tyre Policy.’

The benefits include:

  • Replacement of tyres due to fair wear and tear (where the tread depth is less than 2mm)
  • Market leading tyre brands that last longer, while reducing running costs and emissions


  • Replacement of tyres due to a puncture
  • National and mobile fitting facilities get drivers back on the road quickly


Never pay for wear and tear


Used does not always mean a vehicle is damaged.

Fair wear and tear occurs when normal usage causes acceptable deterioration to a vehicle. Damage occurs as a result of a specific event, such as an accident or the negligent behaviour of the driver.

Our experienced inspection team provide a fair assessment of the condition of a vehicle using clear criteria based on the British Vehicle and Rental Leasing Association (BVRLA) Fair Wear & Tear Guide.

If a vehicle is returned damaged, we will waive the first £100 of chargeable damage.

Our assessment includes:

  • General appearance, road safety, documentation and keys
  • Tyres and wheels


  • Paintwork, vehicle body, bumpers and trim
  • Vehicle interior


  • Windows, glass, doors, mirrors and lights
  • Equipment and controls


Got questions?
We’ve got the answers.

Get in touch with one of our Dedicated SME Account team or email fleetsme@vwfs.co.uk.