Sep 11, 2018  •  10 min read

In many ways, as a fleet operator, your actual fleet is the least of the operational challenges you face. Whatever aspect of fleet management you’re undertaking – business car or commercial vehicle leasing – you know that it’s actually the drivers and the issues they create which cause you to lose the most sleep. That’s why, when you choose a contract hire and leasing partner, peace of mind is as important as makes and models.

The right fleet management partner will make sure you’re in the driving seat even when you’re behind your desk, with management services that put you in control. Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet (VWFS | Fleet), for example, can help you take care of everything from your duty of care to your drivers, to managing fines, dealing with breakdowns and accidents, and even when and where drivers fill up their vehicle fuel tanks.

Drivers may be out on the road, but they’re never really off your mind. So knowing that they’re fully trained and properly licensed gives you one less thing to worry about.

The VWFS | Fleet Risk Management service includes Safe Driving Plus to train your drivers, and we’ll even check their driving licences on your behalf (for private vehicle drivers too) to make sure they’re properly covered to drive.

But even drivers with the best of intentions can fall foul of traffic wardens, parking restrictions and speed cameras. And although it’s their misdemeanour it’s still your headache. That’s why VWFS | Fleet offers a fines and motoring infringement management service.

If one of your drivers receives a notification of a fine or infringement, you’ll receive a copy immediately, so you can ensure it’s paid in time to benefit from any early settlement discounts and avoid any escalating charges.

Incidents will happen

Incidents and accidents happen, and when they do it inevitably means your workload increases. But with VWFS | Fleet, it doesn’t have to. Our support services will swing smoothly into action to minimise disruption for your driver, reduce downtime for the vehicle, and cut out the extra admin for you.

We offer breakdown support in partnership with the RAC. They fix four out of five breakdowns right there at the roadside, on average in just 30 minutes. That’s barely enough downtime to down a cup of coffee.

If the incident is an accident rather than a breakdown, our Accident Management team will take the whole thing off your hands. First checking the driver is okay, and then providing a single point of contact through claims handling, to repairs, and getting the vehicle back on the road as soon as possible. It all helps you to keep administration and expenses under control.

As does our telematics, available as part of the VWFS | Fleet service.

It not only alerts you to incidents but also enables you to monitor driver behaviour. If this indicates there’s a need for training, you can take relevant action to help you meet your duty of care responsibilities.

Telematics monitoring is designed to help you, but it helps your drivers too. Information from the system can help them to improve their driving style, for more comfort and greater efficiency. And telematics data makes it easy for them to log their business and private mileage in a way that complies with HMRC requirements.

Cards on the table

VWFS | Fleet offers fuel cards for your drivers with a fuel management service included.

Though your drivers have the card, you have the final say on where it can be used (which can include up to 98 per cent of UK filling stations), and what goods and services it can be used for. It also gives you detailed reports, so you can – for example – compare fuel purchased against fuel tank capacity, monitor average fuel economy across your fleet, and even check and control when or how often your drivers fill up.

You have complete transparency of fuel use and fuel costs, as well as complete peace of mind that you’re in control of them.

But taking control doesn’t mean that you want to take responsibility 24/7. That’s what the award-winning VWFS | Fleet Driverline concierge service is here for.

Any hour of any day, your drivers can call one number for guidance and assistance with anything from new tyres to an MOT, and from an accident to a routine service (at a franchised dealer, naturally). It’s fast, efficient, and keeps your drivers on the road and their problems off your to-do list.

Their choice is yours

There’s a fine line between responsible management and restrictive control of your drivers, and VWFS | Fleet services help you to stay on the right side of it.

Telematics keep you informed. Our fuel card allows you to set reasonable limits. And when it’s time for your drivers to order their next vehicle, the driver quotation portal lets them make their own choices – but within whatever policy you’ve set. They’ll be happy to be making their own decision, and you’ll be happy that their vehicles are sure to be on budget and on spec.

These standards of service are high because you wouldn’t want anything less. And though you can take them for granted, we don’t.

When your drivers arrive to collect or exchange their vehicles (a same-day process, to minimise inconvenience) we quickly survey them to check we’re meeting our agreed standards and their expectations. Your dedicated VWFS | Fleet Account Manager will also work with you to make sure you get the greatest benefit from all the services we offer. Including a good night’s sleep.