Can an electric van work for your business?

Many companies are now considering the advantages of electric. And with an ever-expanding range of electrified vans and real taxation and total cost of ownership (TCO) benefits, the business case for introducing EVs and plug-in hybrids certainly stacks up.

But whatever the size and demands of your fleet, we know that weighing up whether an electric van or plug-in hybrid suits your business can be tricky. That’s why our expert eLCV-4-ME tool is on hand to help. Simply answer the quick questions below to discover whether making the switch from petrol or diesel will fit into your working life.

Our tool acts as a simple guide only, so whatever the outcome an EV may still work for you.

Is EV for you? Find out.


Disclaimer: eLCV-4-ME? is designed to offer guidance on which fuel type might be most appropriate for you, based on your answers to the questions provided. It should not be relied upon solely to inform your buying decision. We advise speaking to your local dealer and carefully considering your business requirements before making a final decision. Running costs, predicted emissions, and Plug-in Vehicle Grant calculations have been based on representative vehicles for each of the fuel types.

The indicative running cost is an annual figure, based on the MPG, EV range, first year Vehicle Excise Duty and servicing costs for a representative model of each fuel type, plus the London Congestion Charge and fuel costs based on your answers. Indicative running costs will be affected by your predicted annual mileage, and how much you pay for fuel.