Aug 26, 2020  •  10 min read

Our electric vehicle charging partner, Pod Point, has recently launched a new series called Electric Insights, and their first video featured our very own Fleet Product and Policy Manager, Mike Coulton. In the video Mike chats to James McKemey, Pod Point Head of Insights, about a range of EV topics that will shape your EV strategy.

“About two years ago now we kicked off our EVolve proposition, which is our way of helping Fleet Managers, their businesses and their drivers, move from petrol and diesel vehicles into electric vehicles. What we want to do is help fleets identify the opportunity that they have within their business for electric vehicles as we recognise they aren’t suitable for everyone right now, but the opportunity is growing. Our absolute mantra is that we’ll always put the right people in the right vehicle for their needs.”
Mike Coulton: Fleet Product and Policy Manager, VWFS


The EV topics discussed that matter most to businesses

1. The best EVs to watch out for in the next 12 months

“The Volkswagen ID.3 will be a real gamechanger for the industry.”
Mike Coulton: Fleet Product and Policy Manager, VWFS

2. EV technology and infrastructure

“Our approach to providing home chargers as an integral part of our leasing solution has been really popular with Fleet Managers. Our home charging proposition, in partnership with Pod Point, ensures that drivers have easy access to overnight charging – ensuring the business maximises its return on fuel efficiency.”

“Home charging is also really important to those drivers with plug-in hybrids as historically a lot of people have taken a plug-in hybrid, but not necessarily charged it up – so the drivers benefited from the lower BiK and can charge it up overnight to get more realistic fuel economy figures…”
Mike Coulton: Fleet Product and Policy Manager, VWFS

3. The challenges and opportunities associated with the transition to electric

“So far, we’ve analysed over 700,000 journey’s worth of data and over 6.5 million miles – so we have a lot of data to work with and can even support customers without telematics to give them guidance.”
Mike Coulton: Fleet Product and Policy Manager, VWFS

4. Could coronavirus deliver a tipping point for fleet electrification?

“With EVs it’s something everyone is talking about, it’s almost the perfect storm of Benefit-in-Kind, vehicle availability and now reducing mileage as well from an EV adoption perspective.”
Mike Coulton: Fleet Product and Policy Manager, VWFS

5. How will fleets operate post coronavirus?

“Going back to our survey, 30% said that switching to electric vehicles was an opportunity for their fleet since COVID.”

“58% of Fleet Mangers said their mileage would reduce as a result of COVID. As mileage comes down EVs will become more appealing to more people.”
Mike Coulton: Fleet Product and Policy Manager, VWFS

6. To what extent will the coronavirus impact on companies’ electrification and mobility strategies?

“One of the things we’re doing is launching a salary sacrifice product, so if companies want to offer people a cash allowance… the EV savings are enormous.”
Mike Coulton: Fleet Product and Policy Manager, VWFS

7. Demand for EVs seen at VWFS since the onset of the virus

“Historically drivers have been wanting EVs because of BiK, particularly now since 0% Benefit-in-Kind was introduced this year… it’s a massive incentive for the drivers. From a business perspective there’s also CSR. A lot of companies we work with have government contracts, or even very high-profile private sector contracts, and CSR is a really important part of their tender process to prove as a business that they are doing their bit”
Mike Coulton: Fleet Product and Policy Manager, VWFS

About Pod Point

Pod Point are one of UK’s leading providers of electric vehicle charging having manufactured and sold over 69,000 charging points across the UK and Norway. Through a network of home, workplace and public charging they have powered over 158 million miles of electric driving. Solutions include:

  • Workplace and fleet charging.
  • Smart home charging installation for customers of major automotive brands.
  • Public network: connecting EV drivers with 3,000+ charging bays at locations throughout the UK.
  • Charging for development and property managers.

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