Fleet Transition Tool

Take a closer look at your route to EV

Could your business be missing out on huge savings each year by not switching some of your fleet to electric?

Now more than ever, businesses are deciding how and when to make the change to a zero‑emission fleet.

At VWFS | Fleet, we want to support you in making the right decisions, and work with you to decide the right point for your fleet to go fully electric.

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Our Fleet Transition Survey Tool is designed to enable you to understand who amongst your drivers are ready to switch to an electric vehicle today, and also identify those who may find the switch more complicated right now, and why.

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We’ll provide you with a free, personalised survey for your employees and present the findings and insights about your fleet.

Gain insights on:

Potential cost savings per year – leasing, tax, fuel as well as BIK
Possible CO2 savings and improvements
CO2 reduction targets by restructuring your fleet
Your current and optimised powertrain mix across your entire fleet
Fuel type recommendations based on individual driver profiles
Who to prioritise for electrification, split by job role
Employee knowledge, opinions and openness to electric vehicles
Readiness to charge at home and at work
Workplace charging requirements
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We know there’s never a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to fleet requirements, so the outputs from our Fleet Transition Tool are compiled into easy-to-read charts, making it incredibly straightforward to present back to your key stakeholders in a clear and concise format.

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