Feb 28, 2017  •  10 min read

Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet has revealed its all-new, award winning Driver Quotation Portal, which gives fleet user-choosers complete control of their choice of vehicle, and takes much of the administration burden off fleet managers.

Using the award winning Driver Quotation Portal, fleet and business owner-drivers can search for, configure, compare and request their next company car in one place, including checking vehicle specifications and equipment levels. They can filter their selection by CO2 emissions, mpg, transmissions, doors and chassis style.

Equally, fleet managers can define prescribed policies to ensure that any cars fit the organisation’s specific fleet standards – including choices of brands, or mandatory or selected options that can be picked by the user-choosers.

The order process can even be automated so that vehicles are delivered to drivers exactly when they need them – significantly reducing downtime across the fleet

The Driver Quotation Portal is now available and is compatible with smartphones and tablets, so you can check your choices on the move. You can contact your local CSM to arrange a demo of the new system.