Mar 24, 2017  •  10 min read

LONDON – March 13, 2017: Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet (VWFS | Fleet) announced today that it has won the Digital Innovation of the Year award at the Motor Finance Europe conference in Frankfurt.

VWFS | Fleet understands that in a highly competitive finance market, where fleet managers, drivers and end-user companies are increasingly demanding fast, responsive service at the touch of a button, innovation is critical to capture and maintain a market leading position.

VWFS | Fleet wanted to be sure its internal and customer facing systems kept pace with developments, going fully digital and recognised on-going innovation as critical to capturing and maintaining a market leading position.

This latest digital innovation based on the White Clarke Group’s CALMS Fleet Driver Portal has driven forward the digital frontier of motor finance.

The New Fleet Driver Portal is now set to become one of the main methods for client companies to publish car policies to drivers, enabling them to make vehicle choices online, across multiple devices and in their own time. Direct access via the Driver Portal will enhance the end-user experience, whilst saving on ‘direct contact’ effort required by a Fleet manger where they are happy for the portals policy rules to allow drivers to directly order their vehicle with VWFS | Fleet, driving efficiencies for the client, the driver and VWFS | Fleet.

Martin Phillips, Head of Fleet Operations at VWFS | Fleet, said: “We are delighted to have won this award. This latest innovation is very well received by all the users, who were delighted by the efficiencies and transformed business process it provided and we are eager to continue innovation that will result in a better ‘great customer experience’ every time.”

Brendan Gleeson, Group CEO at White Clarke Group warmly congratulates its successfully awarded client at this year’s Motor Finance Conference: “I would like to congratulate and thank VWFS | Fleet for being the innovation leaders and adopting our CALMS end-to-end solution. This is a great success for us both and I look forward to future successes together.”