Jul 13, 2016  •  10 min read

SEAT has used virtual reality to hand over 129 new SEAT Leons, supplied by Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet (VWFS | Fleet), to a group of drivers from retail marketing agency Blue Square.

Each driver was given a Samsung VR Gear headset through which they could watch a unique virtual tutorial. The headset, in conjunction with the latest Samsung S7 smartphone, took the drivers through the features of the car virtually. This is a great demonstration of how technology can be used to deliver cars to the next generation of connected drivers.

Corporate Account Manager, Kate Wright, said: “VWFS | Fleet, SEAT and the Dealer worked closely together to fulfil the customer’s brief of a ‘big reveal’ to generate excitement with the drivers for the new Blue Square Marketing fleet. This involved delivering all the vehicles in one go, as well as collecting all the returning fleet.

“The fleet of new cars was positioned away from the road so that it was a surprise for the arriving employees who came to collect their cars after a team meeting. The visual impact of more than 100 cars was not lost on the arriving drivers who gave a very positive response.”

The virtual handover covered all of the car’s features, from operating the major controls to the in-car technology including the latest Full Link infotainment system. It substantially reduced the time required to deliver the vehicles and generated huge excitement amongst the drivers.

This is the first example of a new partnership between SEAT and Samsung announced at the 11th Mobile World Congress. Its aim is to enhance in-car connectivity across the SEAT range and has showcased future developments including a smartphone-operated car key.

Richard Harrison, Managing Director at SEAT UK, said: “SEAT was given the task of capturing the imaginations of a group of young, connected drivers, and the virtual reality concept has proven to be a real success. By embracing the latest smartphone technology, the virtual handover demonstrates that cars can be delivered efficiently while ensuring that none of the personal touch of a handover is lost.”

Richard says this is an exciting new way forward. “Video content also has a synergy with SEAT’s authoritative position in the connectivity arena and demonstrates huge potential to utilise the technology across other channels.”

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