Aug 23, 2017  •  10 min read

So, does saving £24,000 a year on your fleet’s fuel bills sound too good to be true? Well, that’s the saving that one Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet (VWFS | Fleet) client was able to make, just by changing fuel card supplier.

Eschmann equipment – a West Sussex-based medical company that manufactures market leading operating tables and autoclaves for the healthcare and dental sectors – has gradually been replacing its 80-strong fleet for its sales and servicing team, following its change of leasing supplier to VWFS | Fleet three years ago.

However, unexpected costs and transaction fees with Eschmann’s previous fuel card supplier were causing frustration. A conversation with VWFS | Fleet Corporate Account Manager Scott Mandry highlighted the possibility of switching fuel card suppliers to TMC.

“The first saving we noticed following the change was lower fixed costs, but then the benefit of TMC’s analytics came into play,” says Eschmann’s Purchasing Manager, Neil Peters. “Using TMC’s portal, our drivers input all the postcodes they’ve visited, and the system automatically works out the business mileage and separates out personal mileage. Compared to the old ways of drivers recording their mileage and us monitoring it manually, it saves the business a huge amount of time.

“Using the analytics, TMC can also spot where drivers are travelling further than is necessary for a particular journey or, filling up at expensive motorway services when they could be using cheaper supermarket filling stations.

“TMC can then call our drivers and offer them advice that saves us all money. As you can imagine, our drivers were slightly dubious about the benefits that this service could provide, but the results speak for themselves and everyone has embraced the change”

The result, so far, has been a £24,000 saving over 12 months, equivalent to a 17.2% reduction in Eschmann’s fleet fuel bills. It has all served to further boost their confidence in their relationship with VWFS | Fleet.

“Our deal with VWFS | Fleet has come together nicely, and by 2018 all our cars will come from them,” Neil says. “VWFS | Fleet have been great at listening to us, understanding our challenges and suggesting solutions. Other leasing companies weren’t always that interested, because our fleet is comparatively small, but VWFS | Fleet has always treated us like we’re important.”