Business leasing that has nothing to hide

We know how easy it is to be seduced by a low monthly cost when you’re comparing business lease rates. We also know there’s nothing worse than watching your profit levels drop when you’re faced with the unpleasant surprise of steep end-of-contract damage or excess mileage charges.

That’s why, with My Business Lease, we won’t try and sell you bells and whistles. Instead, we’ll offer you best value business leasing with straight-up costs that are fully transparent - so it’s easy to see how much you’ll pay. What’s more, because we’ve included a damage waiver for every car and van and the opportunity to pool mileage across your vehicles, you won’t have to worry about excess penalties and additional charges along the way.

My Business Lease: For when a low monthly price doesn’t mean a good deal

How much could our £100 damage waiver save you?

Example savings:  Figures based on 35% of cars returned incurring average damage recharges of £274* per vehicle.

Fleet size 5 50 500
Number of damaged vehicles** 2 18 175
Without waiver £548 £4,932


With waiver £348 £3,132 £30,450
Total Saving: £200 £1,800 £17,500
  *FN50 research 2015 **Figure based on 35% of damaged cars per fleet

How much would you save avoiding excess penalties through mileage pooling?

Example savings: Figures are based on an average excess mileage charge of £358* per car and the assumption that 20% of your car fleet has exceeded the contracted mileage limit.

Fleet size 5 50 500
Savings £358 £3,580 £35,800

*FN50 research

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