There’s never been a better time to make the transition to EVs

In a recent survey we found that whilst almost a third of fleet operators are considering making the switch to EV, over 60% are yet to establish a business case for doing so despite the incentives and generous cost savings available. With fleet operators facing the need to reduce operating costs, Electric Vehicles present a timely consideration for Fleet Managers with the promise of reduced running, maintenance and class 1A NIC costs compared to an ICE alternative. In addition, 100% of the lease costs can be offset against taxable profits.

Benefits of EVs

  • Government grants1 of up to £1,500 to buy an electric car under £32,000.

  • £350 home grant2 for plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles.

  • Reduced car tax (VED rates and Benefit in Kind).

  • Less frequent servicing than a combustion car.

  • No tailpipe emissions = much kinder to the environment.

1. The Government grants are subject to full terms and conditions and eligibility may be revised or withdrawn at any time without prior notice. This information is correct as of December 2021.
2. The government reserves the right to terminate the grant at any time but aims to provide 4 weeks’ notice. Should the grant rate change, or the scheme end, the government will honour grant claims made before the date of any public announcement subject to meeting all relevant criteria set out in this guidance. This information is correct as of April 2021.

Drivers make considerable savings too

EVs enable your drivers to access considerable savings in BiK (see chart below) as well as private fuel costs versus an ICE vehicle. The ID.3 is a smooth and responsive drive with a range in excess of 200 miles, which means the ID.3 can travel far and wide on a single charge. This, in conjunction with ever-decreasing charge times, means electric motoring is now an accessible option for even more drivers.

BIK savings for your drivers

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