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As the fastest growing leasing company in the UK, we’ve helped a broad range of UK fleets to break down the barriers to EV adoption and have developed a range of solutions to help guide you through the transition process.

Need help understanding how EVs might fit into your fleet?

We’ve developed a comprehensive range of tools & guides to help make informed decisions about the transition to EVs and make it easier to identify the right mix of vehicles for your fleet.

For example, our Future Fleet Analysis tool enables you to analyse Telematics data to help identify opportunities to replace current vehicles with an EV.

Future fleet analysis

Need clarity on the cost implications?

Our funding matrix helps with comparing funding methods and EV Business Case support pack gives you everything you need to identify a clear business case.

Business case pack

Need help with gaining buy-in from your drivers?

Our Fuel-type Advisor tool (EV-4-ME) asks a series of questions to help identify the most appropriate fuel type and our flexible rental solution provides added reassurance if drivers are concerned about the potential occasional extraordinary daily mileage.


Plug into our unparalleled EV support package

Developed to support you with your operational needs, we have a range of solutions to help you. From a partnership with Pod Point to help you navigate the complexities of home and public charging point installation to a Charging & Infrastructure Guide.

Our Driverline, dedicated 24-hour assistance service, is always on hand in case of Breakdown or an Accident to help get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

Home and Public Charging

Our EV support package

Extra Flexibility
Charging Infrastructure
Fleet Funding

Driver support

Fleet Funding

As with any fleet vehicles, there are several different ways to fund plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle. However, with varying financing and taxation incentives, there’s a lot to consider before deciding which leasing option is best for your business.

Funding options

Our funding matrix looks at the pros and cons of the funding methods that include Salary Sacrifice, Contract hire and Finance Lease to help you decide on the best way to fund your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

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Extra flexibility: short-term rentals

There may be times when an EV is not practical. That’s why we offer the reassurance of access to a petrol, diesel or hybrid vehicle on a short-term rental basis. We offer you and your drivers the option to rent an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicle for up to 28 days. Drivers can simply call to arrange delivery of their rental vehicle and we’ll arrange the nearest short-term rental partner to provide the vehicle needed.

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Charging Infrastructure

When it comes to adding electric vehicles to your fleet, one of the most important considerations is how to charge those vehicles and keep your fleet on the move. We have a complete range of charging solutions to help you make the transition.

EV Charging and Infrastructure Guide

Download our guide to understand the when, where and how of creating a charging infrastructure that works for your drivers.

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EV leasing that makes charging easier

With our partners Pod Point, we provide EV charge points for the home & public places

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EV Business Case

Establish the business case for EVs. Download a copy of our support pack here:

EV Business Case