How to ease the burdens of operating your fleet

Creating and operating the optimal business vehicle fleet for your needs is a complex challenge. So if you can find a strategic fleet partner whose consultancy skills are as wide-ranging as their choice of fleet vehicles, it makes sound business sense to take advantage.

Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet is just that kind of partner. In fact, we work with you as a trusted extension to your fleet team. By providing you with a choice of premium leasing products and services, we’ll help you realise greater efficiencies in every area of your fleet operation.

Our support comes in the shape of people, processes and technology, combining to meet your particular fleet needs in the most effective and efficient ways.

The technology includes useful reporting tools to give you a clear day-to-day view and in-depth insights into the way your fleet is running. The people include a dedicated Account Manager, and the UK’s only BVRLA[1]-accredited customer service team. That’s more than 100 people – and growing – ready to provide you with market-leading service whenever you need it. Put all this together with highly efficient processes such as our award-winning self-serve driver portal, and Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet gives you a business car and commercial vehicle leasing solution that makes your fleet easier to manage. While still making sure it reflects the quality of your business and the value you place on your drivers and customers.

More choice, more support

Your dedicated Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet Account Manager will work with you from the start. First: to help you select the vehicles best suited to the needs of your business. Second: to proactively look for ways to increase your fleet’s efficiency.

Your Account Manager isn’t restricted to offering you Volkswagen vehicles, or only Volkswagen Group brands (Audi, SEAT, and ŠKODA cars, and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles).

Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet is backed by Europe’s largest automotive bank, and can fund, manage, and maintain any make and model of any car or van. We can even help you with funding alternatives and financial modelling, including Whole-Life Cost analysis. So you can create precisely the fleet you want, more easily.

If you need support with anything or everything from manufacturer negotiations to vehicle acquisition, servicing and disposal, we do that too. And we take care of your vehicles and drivers while they’re out on the road, with support such as our Driverline concierge service.

Even administration for fines and motoring infringements is something we’re happy to handle for you. So when you’re operating a first-class fleet, you can depend on first-class fleet management support.

Service at a higher level

Your Account Manager will diarise regular service-level reviews. These will help us to monitor and manage the performance of our back-office teams, to ensure your drivers get the experience you expect for them. Our service-level agreements range from order confirmation within 12 hours, to 90 per cent of contact-centre calls answered within 90 seconds, to resolution of issues with seven working days.

Allocating and ordering vehicles can be a significant administrative challenge too. So the Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet driver quotation portal takes it off your hands. It enables drivers to go online to select and order their next vehicle, though only from those allowed by your policies.

Once the drivers are behind the wheel, the Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet reporting options keep you informed and keep you in control.

Telematics, for example, give you insight into driver performance, which can be used to reduce fuel and maintenance expenditure. The same tool also enables drivers to log their business and private mileage in an HMRC-compliant way – taking another administrative task off your desk.

You can keep control at the pump too. Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet works in partnership with Barclaycard Fuel+. In fact we’re the only UK leasing company offering their fuel card directly to customers. This solution lets you decide where and how the card is used. Costs it can be used for include fuel at 98 per cent of UK filling stations, as well as tolls, parking and congestion. You’ll be able to see when and where fuel is bought, can control the number of refills per day, and can compare the amount used with the tank capacity. The result will be far fewer queries around fuel, and much less time spent resolving them.

No-one ever said operating a fleet would be easy. But sharing the burden with a proactive, responsive, BVRLA-accredited team can only make it easier. As well as helping your fleet to deliver the best for your business.

So choosing to work with Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet is one of the simpler fleet operating decisions you have to make.

[1] The trade body for the vehicle rental and leasing sector

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