There’s a reason that contract hire is the most popular method of funding fleet vehicles.

Business contract hire allows you to rent vehicles as opposed to owning them so you don’t have to worry about residual values or selling the vehicle at the end of the term. You simply hand the vehicle back to us.

It gives your business brand-new high-quality vehicles without the need for a large capital outlay. And, because the vehicles are rented, they don’t appear on your balance sheet. This can have tax and VAT advantages over purchase contracts.

We’ll agree a contract hire agreement for any time period between one and four years. All our contract hire vehicles include the Driverline telephone concierge service for the term of the contract, providing your drivers with a single contact number for all their motoring needs.

Business Contract hire benefits

  • Fixed monthly rentals
  • Hassle-free vehicle management: Driverline telephone concierge service for every vehicle
  • Simple handover process at the end of the rental – no need to sell
  • Flexible contract lengths between one and four years
  • Set your annual mileage, with the option to pool mileage and amend your mileage once a year to suit your changing business needs
  • Give your drivers the option to purchase their vehicles at the end of their contracts

We fund every make and model of vehicles, so you can make the best decision on your fleet choice. And because we are part of Volkswagen Group we can offer highly competitive rates for the brands that are part of our group: Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.
To speak to us about contract hire or any of your fleet needs, contact us here.

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