We’ve partnered with The Miles Consultancy (TMC) to help you manage your business fuel costs with the multi-award-winning Barclaycard Fuel+.

Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet is the only UK business leasing company offering this fuel card solution directly to our customers. We guarantee that if your first-year saving doesn’t amount to double the TMC fee, TMC will make up the difference.

Barclaycard Fuel+ is valid for use at all outlets that accept VISA, including all low-cost supermarkets and a range of hotels, in the UK and across Europe – providing considerable coverage for your drivers.

The following features are designed to help you manage fuel and card use:

  • Define where the fuel card can be used, including 98% of UK filling stations, tolls, parking, congestion charges (this can be set for use as a credit card if required).
  • Determine the number of refills allowed per day.
  • Check the amount of fuel purchased versus fuel tank capacity.
  • Benefit from total visibility of when and where your drivers are buying fuel, as well as management reports that provide an overview of your entire fleet’s fuel costs and economy.
  • Take advantage of compliant business mileage monitoring. TMC’s Mileage Capture and Audit System separates business and personal fuel use, helping you to accurately meet HMRC requirements, as well as streamlining mileage payments and reimbursements with a convenient payroll ready file.


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