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Making smart decisions in an uncertain tax climate

April 18, 2016

The only consistent thing about tax legislation in recent years has been its inconsistency. Who know what are going to be the next driving forces – MPG, Total cost of ownership (TOC)? CO2 perhaps. It’s a volatile landscape and there are few answers.

Naturally, fleet managers have been both confused and reluctant to commit to important fleet policy changes. What will be the tax implications of switching to different funding options? Are there advantages to switching to electric/hybrid vehicles? These are fundamental questions and uncertainty about tax legislation has made them hard to answer.

Maybe the answers can come from asking even more fundamental questions about you fleet, i.e. What is it really for? And what is it expected to deliver – now and in the future?

Through our fleet consultancy service, Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet can help you analyse the makeup of your fleet and its purpose. Which vehicles should be on the balance sheet and which shouldn’t? Which are the business vehicles and which are largely part of staff packages and recruitment incentives? What will be the needs of your fleet in the future?

Armed with this analysis, you will be able to make tax-efficient fleet investment decisions without waiting for the chancellor to make up his mind.