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Four ways to get more from your fleet

July 13, 2016

There are lots of ways to make your fleet work harder for you. Here are four ways to help your business vehicles work more efficiently from Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet.

1. Tune into telematics
Utilise innovative technology – it’s not just about satellite navigation. Real-time telematics systems can get your people driving more efficiently, helping you save on fuel costs, keep on top of maintenance issues, improve driver safety and more. Read more

2. Focus on fuel cards
Is fuel one of your biggest expenses? Increase your control, security, choice and cost savings with an award-winning fuel card. They’re not just for large corporations – we offer solutions for SMEs too. Get the facts about fuel management. Read more

3. Sort out your storage
Badly organised equipment can be a safety hazard and affect a van’s weight bearing, costing you more in fuel. Just one example of how driver education and welfare can reduce downtime and save you money. A duty of care package designed around the needs of your business can improve the performance of your people and vehicles. Read more

4. Reduce vehicle downtime
Having vehicles off the road can cost your business a lot of money. With the right fleet management package, you can relax knowing the maintenance of your vehicles is effectively managed and unwanted downtime is minimised. Read more

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