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With data, security is as important as cost control

April 19, 2016

Data is big. You’ve heard that a lot recently. There’s been an explosion of driver and vehicle information available to fleet managers though telematics and other sources. Data is important now and will become increasingly vital to the future of fleet management. It has the potential to drive duty of care, maintenance, servicing, expense claims and just about everything else.

It presents the biggest opportunities but also the biggest challenges facing today’s fleet manager:

  1. Quality. This is more important than quantity. As Fleet managers, drown in data, they need the tools to identify what’s important and relevant.
  2. Security. Recent high-profile incidents where commercial websites have been hacked have exposed the growing risk and threats of data security. Fleet Managers have a duty to protect their data against unauthorised access.

This makes your choice of telematics an important decision and one with legal implications as well as cost control ones. It needs to be properly understood who has access to your data, whether it’s your leasing company, vehicle manufacturer or drivers. All are protective of their privacy.

Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet is more alive to data security than many and our telematics can be configured to different levels of access. We have wide experience of data protection and can help any issues you need to address.