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How to avoid a cyclist collision

December 8, 2017

With the days becoming shorter, and most of us driving when the mornings are still dark and the sun sets early, cyclists are often difficult to see on the road. Especially if you’re driving a heavy goods vehicle (HGV), so it’s important to remain mindful of their presence. While the most common vehicles involved in fatal cyclist accidents are cars and taxis, HGVs pose a particular danger, accounting for around 20% of cyclist deaths in London.

Unfortunately, in 2013, there were 19,438 reported cyclist casualties in the UK, which included 109 deaths. These figures highlight just how important it is to look out for cyclists and make sure your driving style doesn’t endanger their lives.

Tips for driving around cyclists

  • Look out for cyclists at junctions, roundabouts and when they’re manoeuvring through traffic. Cyclists often emerge faster than you’d expect and are harder to spot than larger vehicles. Always check your mirrors and blind spots, and be careful when changing lane or making a turn.
  • When passing a cyclist, ensure you give them plenty of room and don’t attempt to squeeze past them.
  • Cyclists often need to make a sudden change of direction to avoid uneven or unsafe patches of road, or when cycling in bad weather. Keep an eye on their movements and keep your distance.
  • Be considerate of the cyclist’s vision and don’t dazzle them with full-beam headlights.
  • Check your wing mirror for cyclists before opening the door of your vehicle.

How we can help

To help you support and educate your fleet drivers on night-time driving and the extra hazards it brings, we can offer you Duty of Care - our multi-use service that has a key focus on driver training. Duty of Care can be tailored to your needs and can provide your drivers with e-learning meaning less downtown and better convenience for your colleagues. If you'd like to talk to us about Duty of Care or any of our other services, please get in touch here.