Dec 16, 2016  •  10 min read

Paul Hollick, Chairman of the Institute of Car Fleet Management (ICFM), opened the 24th ICFM annual members’ conference in November by declaring that the automotive industry is in a period of big change caused by technology – and that fleet managers must adapt fast to keep up.

Paul said: “The idea is that our industry is changing and we are not ready for it. There is an accelerated take up of car-sharing in cities, and companies such as Uber have shaken up the taxi market. New players will appear on the fleet market too, with short-term contracts and leases.

“Multi-modal transport, where carriage is supplied in different ways, such as road, rail and water, smart payments and cloud-sharing, are all happening and we have to keep up with how things are happening.

“In the retail sector car sharing and flexible leasing are becoming more popular, and companies such as the RAC are proactive in how they use telematics to keep fleets moving.

“Accident management will become incident management as we move from being reactive to proactive about fleet care. We need to become much, much smarter.

“We also have to be adept at making our fleets ‘sweat’ more. At present a car can spend up to 80 per cent of its working life idle. That is not maximising an asset.

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