Fleet analysis: complimentary tools and
information on electric cars and vans

If you’re wondering where to start in considering whether plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles are viable for your fleet, look no further than our advice, tools, guides and business case support pack – which won’t cost you a penny.

Get prepared with our EV Decision Tree

Our EV Decision Tree is designed to point you towards the tools and EV information you need to help you to prove the value of electric vars and vans to your business.

Take a look at our EV Decision Tree
Is electric vehicle adoption right for your business?

If you’re looking to build a picture of whether hybrid and electric car and van adoption is the way forward for your fleet and business, this snapshot of key EV information is designed to help you get started.

Is your business ready? Try our EV Ready? tool to find out

Our free self-assessment EV Ready? tool identifies your areas of strength and weakness, so that you can clearly see whether your business is ready to make the transition to electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Equipped for electric? Use our tool to find out.
A more in-depth view of EV viability with our Future Fleet Analysis tool.

This useful tool evaluates telematics data to advise you whether each vehicle within your fleet is suitable for changing to a plug-in hybrid or electric car or van. It will also confirm any potential fuel savings.

Make your case for EV: free guide, cost savings tool and PowerPoint support.

Highlight your EV findings to decision-making colleagues. Our business case support pack includes step-by-step guidance and complimentary tools to develop cost saving calculations and a comprehensive presentation.

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Speak to our EV fleet experts

Whether you are in the process of starting your fleet analysis, or would like support to help you finalise your findings and consider your business case in more depth, our EV team is happy to help you.