Driver support: helping you to communicate
the benefits of electric cars

If you’re getting to grips with how to prepare your drivers and business for your transition to plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles, our tools and guidance are designed to provide you with support to help you to educate your people.

Try EV-4-ME? Our hybrid vs electric vs petrol vs diesel advisor

Our EV-4-ME? advisor tool will help you weigh up whether hybrid or electric vs petrol or diesel are best for your drivers’ specific business and leisure journeys. Simply answer some quick questions to get your results.

Use the EV-4-ME? fuel type advisor
I need more information on the ‘Road to Zero’ legislation

The government’s Road to Zero strategy, announced in July 2018, will change the face of our roads over the next ten years. We’ve pulled this information together for you, in one place.

Find out more about changing UK legislation
We answer your burning questions in our EV-4-ME? Are your drivers EV ready? guide

There is a great deal to think about when considering moving your business to include plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. This guide provides essential information to help you support your drivers through the transition.

Download the EV-4-ME? guide
Make your business case for EV: free BiK tax savings tool and risks guide.

Make your business case to fellow decision-making colleagues. Our support pack includes step-by-step guidance and tools to develop cost saving calculations and a comprehensive presentation deck.

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Specialist support from our electric vehicle advisors

If you would like help to work with your drivers to discover their electric vehicle viability, or personal support to help you consider your business case in more depth, we’re here to give you a helping hand.

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