The real business lease deal – we give you best value

We know you’re looking for the best business lease deal, but what does it look like for you? A low monthly price with extensive charges when you hand your vehicle back? Or maybe it’s a guarantee of no hidden costs? Plus, a £100 damage waiver at the end of your contract – for every car or van – with the opportunity to pool mileage across your vehicles?

My Business Lease from Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet offers best value business leasing through a range of cost reductions. It’s all designed to reduce your business lease expenses and add to your bottom line. And because we never stop proactively looking for ways to save you even more, we’ve included a £100* damage waiver for every car or van - and the opportunity to pool mileage across your vehicles at the end of the contract – helping you keep your costs as low as possible.

Transparent business leasing with the promise of no surprise end of contract charges.

  • We know that many of our customers just need a minimal leasing cost to help their business make a profit:

    That’s why we’ve thought about all of the things we can offer you as standard, that don’t require any time, thought or effort on your part, to help reduce your end-to-end leasing expenses.

  • Because we know there’s nothing worse watching your profit levels drop because of end of contract charges:

    We not only guarantee our leasing costs are transparent so there won’t be any surprises – but we’ve also developed our £100 (per vehicle) damage waiver, which we absorb into our costs to support you.

  • We can help by giving you the opportunity to pool mileage:

    To ensure none of your vehicles go over their agreed limit at the end of your contract, we offer mileage pooling across all the vehicles you lease with us.

Lease any make or model of vehicle from us, with an account manager at no extra cost.

  • It’s not just Volkswagens you can lease from us:

    As well as all Volkswagen Group cars and vans, including Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA, and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, you can lease any make and model of car or van.

  • You’ll have an assigned account manager (at no extra cost):

    In addition to making sure your mileage is aligned to your contract, they can also look at opportunities to make savings as your business grows or your needs change.

  • We have a number of service-level agreements in place:

    This will ensure you have a smooth ordering and leasing experience.

  • We offer same day vehicle inspection and collection:

    To keep your vehicles on the road and increase efficiency.

The bottom line? We can make your vehicle management easier. But only if you ask us to.

  • We’ll take away the headache of dealing with vehicle issues:

    If you ask us to, we’ll offer service, maintenance and repair plans that give you more time for other tasks and reduce vehicle downtime.

  • Our servicing is only delivered by franchised dealers:

    This ensures a high quality of workmanship and parts that protect residual values. We then feed these saving into our leasing costs for all marques and models, not just Volkswagen Group vehicles.

  • Fast efficient issue resolution with 24/7 Driverline:

    Whether it's arranging MOTs, mechanical repairs, tyre replacements or glass repair and replacement, you and your team can utilise this convenient service from home, work or on the road. Our team of experts are experienced in finding a solution to almost any vehicle issue.

For best value, contact our experienced team for a no-obligation discussion about your business leasing requirements