Hard-won heritage and an appetite for growth

Our business was established to fund any make of vehicle, from Alfa Romeos to Volvos and everything in between.

We are Britain’s fastest organically growing leasing company and third place in the FN50 list of largest leasing companies.

Yet we’re part of the global Volkswagen Group, whose 12 vehicle brands have, combined, a distinguished history and hard-won reputations based on decades of engineering innovation.

Bottom line: we know cars and vans. That’s what makes us tick and that’s what our business is based on. Our employees drive the vehicles we fund – for many of us, it’s why we work here. We love our own brands, but we love getting our customers into the right vehicles even more.

This passion for vehicles and for keeping customers mobile is something we’ve had for decades, it’s in our DNA. Volkswagen Bank, founded by our parent company, was established in 1949 to bring the original Beetle and Transporter within reach of ordinary working people.

At our core, we are both a vehicle manufacturer and a bank: we exist to provide greater mobility for our customers.

How we’ve grown

Volkswagen Financial Services was established in the UK in 1994 and the vehicle leasing division followed in 1997 and has grown rapidly since, with a portfolio of more than 165,000 vehicles today.

As one former CEO put it, our business has grown from a “storage cupboard” and seven staff to a £36 million purpose-built head office and more than 1,000 staff.

From 2005 until 2016 we were known as Volkswagen Group Leasing. Since then, we’ve been known as Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet.

Our growth has been based on our ability to flex to meet the needs of every type of customer from large corporates and NHS Trusts through to small businesses.

We know that it is this customer focus that will be at the heart of our continued growth.

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